Friday, December 16, 2005


An interesting recording of an alleged UFO, could end up being the best evidence of the year (2005) of the big UFO wave in Mexico.

UFO Photographed By Sergio Javier Mayen

     MEXICO, December 14, 2005. - Sergio MayĆ©n Cigarroa , a young man of 16 years, student and future architect recently captuered images with his camcorder on the 21st of October, someof the best UFO evidence this year (2005) in Mexico.

"Well, that afternoon, I went up to the roof to get my sister Melissa, who was playing there and she was the one who warned to me that there was a UFO in the sky. We both observed a sphere, red in color, I then quickly went down to get my camcorder," indicated the young witness.

     "I couldn't record it initially, because when I returned to the roof, the red sphere was no longer there. I then began searching the sky and thus I saw another ufo, a shining spherical object that was very low height, static in the sky and since the camera was ready, I managed to record it", he added.

     Sergio observed that an airplane was approaching, which would serve as a reference to the object [in regards to size, distance etc.], but to his surprise he witnessed another strange object along with the plane.

     "The object moved at great speed and was ascending towards the zenith, and for that reason I immediately discarded the notion that it could be some well-known device."

* Roughly Translated By FW

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