Wednesday, December 28, 2005


UFO Over Port of Necochea-Quequén
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

     On the evening of December 26 several witnesses -- Marcelo Pintacuda among them, as he performed various duties at the Port of Necochea-Quequén-- noticed a large strange circcular object, yellow in color, that flew over the skies of Necochea. He managed to capture the image on his cellphone.

     The object vanished toward the west of the city after having been visible for several minutes.

     Mr. Pintacuda was engaged in supervising the unloading of fuel oil from the Antares I vessel to the Necochea Power Station, property of Centrales de la Costa Atlantica SA, which employs this fuel for operating purposes.

     The Necochea Power Station is located in the Port of Necoceha next to the Quequén River and facing the sea. Pintacuda is an agent for this branch and was engaged in fire watch activities at the time during the unloading of 8000 tons of fuel oil to the station.

     The incident is currently under investigation and the images are being downloaded presently from his Motorola C650 cellphone. The month of December has been rich in UFO activity over Necochea. We should keep in mind the cases involving employees of the DYCASA company, who are working on the expansion of the breakwater in the port itself, which also faces the Necochea Power Station.

     A considerable number of people saw this large object that vanished over the sea and toward the south. The cases involving a Necochean family that saw a similar round object as they returned home along the coastal route, and another family that sew a similar object over the beach should not be discarded.

     As we said, all cases are currently under investigation.

* Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

* SOURCE: Planeta UFO


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