Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Saucer Abducting Cow
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

     *This isn't the first time and it will doubtless be the last. According to researchers the city of La Banda in Santiago is a magnet for aliens. Do they exist or not? That's a tough one to answer.*

     The association for the Study and Reseach of UFO Astronomy La Banda, established by renowned characters such as Andres Francisco Miotti, David Waisman, Luis Ducournau and Carlos Barragán, has operated in the city since the mid- 1980s according to a local newspaper.

     Its mission is to study and analyze all matters related to the appearance of UFOs. Delving into this subject has brought about some original conclusions.

     Andres Miotti, a former judge, spoke to the "El Liberal" newspaper with regard to some of the cases the group has analyzed in connection to possible sightings of alien spacecraft.

     One of the cases mentioned was the one that occurred in Paraje Maravilla where, according to Miotti, a smallholder had a close encounter of the 3rd kind: "The tractor driver saw a UFO. The tractor was rendered idle and it recovered power after the UFO had taken off."

     Another event occurred in 2001. "The case that surprised me the most was when a UFO was abducting a cow in a field near La Banda," remarked Miotti.

     "While he did not acknowledge it at first, the witness to the event finally admitted that at two o' clock in the morning he got up to go to the lavatory. It was then that he saw a strange craft hovering over the field, busily trying to abduct a cow," he added.

     The Association continues to function, although with less members than before. Miotti remarked that until not long ago, he received eyewitness testimony from people who had witnessed supernatural events from various departments in the region.


* Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)


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