Sunday, November 13, 2005

UFOs Over Hart Mountain

UFO Over Hart Mountain
Irritating UFO Flare-ups

By Scott Staats
The Creswell Chronicle

     When trying to get a good night's sleep in the outdoors, there's nothing more irritating than the occasional flare up of UFOs.

     On a recent campout in southern Oregon, my wife and I had an interesting experience. We camped about six miles down a rough, bumpy dirt road near Hart Mountain in search of a boulder field full of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs.

     We found the site and set up camp.

     The writings depicted bighorn sheep, elk, geometric designs, human forms and even a few figures that resembled astronauts or aliens with space helmets and antennae. I guess these early artists had quite a creative mind as well as a creative hand.

     After walking through the rocks and seeing most of the writings, we had supper and got in the tent. A crescent moon descended over the western horizon and the high desert darkness set in.

     Somewhere in the distance a coyote howled (not really but it makes for a better story). At about that time, military aircraft began flying overhead from a nearby Air Force base, breaking the silence of the sacred grounds.

     Just as I was about to doze off, a flash of light lit up the tent. I looked out the tent window and saw a huge bright light in the sky just over the ridge. As the light slowly winked out, another appeared right next to it.

     As that one expired, another appeared farther down the ridge. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. I told my wife to look out the window.

     Seconds later, more lights appeared farther down the ridge and seemed to be coming closer. The white saucer-shaped light made us think of two possibilities – this was some kind of new craft the military was testing or it was a pod of UFOs.

     When you see something so real, yet so unreal, the mind congers up all kinds of strange and frightful possibilities. Maybe it was the ancients coming back to check on their sacred ground and they had discovered invaders in their territory.

     We had visions of little gray or green men appearing outside the tent and making us get in their ship. Who knows, maybe a cruise around the galaxy would be exciting, I thought.

     A worse possibility yet, a strange craft lands next to the tent and a military general and a handful of men in black come out and tell us that we "didn't see any of this." Then we are whisked off to some "black prison" in Turgurgestan.

     After seeing about a dozen of these lights, they vanished about the same time the military craft stopped flying. When the last light went behind the ridge, the area had an eerie glow. The night became dark and silent once again.

     I dozed off that night with visions of alien implants dancing in my head. I was in no mood to be poked, prodded or probed.

     I was never one to have nightlights nearby as I went to sleep and this was no exception. We lay there awake for quite a while just waiting for another bright light over the tent that never came – at least not that we can remember.

     At one time we wondered about getting in the car and heading out of there. Of course we wouldn't have time to take any of the camping gear with us.

     I imagined the slow, bumpy drive back the deserted road with the craft following right over us. We would never get away. So we decided to stay put and face whatever came our way. This, of course, would be difficult with my head buried in the sleeping bag.

     As the hours passed, I lay there and watched Orion and Mars rise over the rim and move slowly across the night sky. I must have gotten a little sleep since my next recollection was waking to the early dawn light. As we had breakfast, we wondered if we had really seen those lights.

     After driving up to the Hart Mountain refuge headquarters later that morning, I talked with a biologist there and mentioned all the military aircraft flying overhead last night. I asked in a nonchalant manner (so as not to come across as a loony from Roswell) if there were ever any weird lights seen in the sky.

     The biologist replied, "Oh yeah, the military plays war games and shoots flares at each other." (I later wondered if this "biologist" wasn't covering up the truth to protect the secrets of the mountain).

     In light of this new information that these lights were just military flares, we laughed out loud. Then it came across as a big letdown. Here we thought we were actually seeing real live UFOs and they turn out to be the result of some flyboys' war games?

     I still say those lights were the biggest, brightest flares I've ever seen, so I'm sticking with the UFO scenario. No matter what anybody says, I am still a believer. How else can I explain the alien radio collars and ear tags we awoke with that morning?

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