Monday, November 28, 2005

A UFO in Catamarca?

UFO Over Catamarca (Enhanced)
A man caught this image with his camera phone at Cuesta del Totoral—the experts analyzed the photos and said it was an optical effect.


     The camera of a cellular telephone caught an object in the sky of Cuesta del Totoral, in the province of Catamarca.

     Fidel Rubén Martinez was traveling in his car when he noticed a glow; while watching the sky he removed his combination cellular telephone/camera and photographed the unusual object.

     "When enlarging the image with the zoom lens I managed to see the silhouette of what we all call the flying plate", the Ancasti said to the newspaper Catamarqueño.

     The images were sent to the Astronomical observatory of Tucumán. The experts submittted an official notice and stated that "what was observed in the image corresponds to what the camera caught at level of luminous information".

     The specialists clarified that "as far as the possibility that the opaque solid body has interposed between the sun and the objective of the camera, we must practically discard it since the luminous pattern that is observed in the photo is 100% compatible with the phenomena of a reflection of luminous rays in the outer curvature of lens of the camera".

     "the dark spot, and the reflection of the straight line corresponds exactly to the center of the image. This instance is characteristic of optical effects ", they clarified.

* Roughly translated by FW

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