Sunday, November 20, 2005

UFO Filmed Over Bristol, Tennessee

UFO Over Bristol, Tennessee
Resident films encounter with UFO

by Tracy Haynes
4 news

     Do you believe in UFO's? If so, you're not alone. Many people in Middle Tennessee say they've seen them and one man is making it his business to find out just what those UFO's are.

     Maybe you've seen lights and objects in the sky you can't identify. But if you tell Kim Shaffer about it, he won't laugh. He'll want to hear every detail so he can make an accurate record of it.

     As head of Tennessee's Mutual UFO Network, he says he's seen the mysterious objects.

     "I don't obsess over it. It's just a fact of life that we saw something we can't explain," he says.

     He and his son shot video of a flying object spinning and tumbling over their Bristol, Tennessee, home in 2003.

     Kim is a Navy veteran that has seen lots of conventional aircraft, and he says this wasn't one of them.

     "It was actually the most perfect thing I've ever seen. And to explain it, I can't," he says. "It defied laws of Physics, it defied laws of flight. It was powered. What it was, I can't say."

     As head of the UFO Network, he doesn't necessarily believe in aliens. But he says UFOs are worth studying and they've been with us for thousands of years.

     "I think Ezekiel saw a UFO, for lack of a better term. It was a flying object, and it was unidentified," says Shaffer. "The accounts of UFO sightings really seemed to start taking off in the 1940's. They've been seen at night, and in broad daylight, and many of the sightings happened right here in Tennessee."

     There reports of UFO's stretch the entire state from Dandridge, Tennessee to Paris, Lakewood, Gallatin, Franklin, and in Bristol.

     Many of the reports Shaffer receives involve the so-called black triangles. In fact a friend of his had a recent encounter with one which he claims left him terrified and physically scarred.

     Was it ETS or military experiment? Shaffer doesn't know, but believes the answers lie in the evidence. Right now, he wants all the evidence he can get.

     "When we take a piece of video footage, for example, and we have it analyzed by the best of the best optical physicists in the country. They can't identify what these things are," said Shaffer.

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