Monday, November 14, 2005

The John Rimmer Ufological Schedule for 2006

By Stuart Miller
UFO Disinfo R

Stuart Miller     John has recently been labelled a Ufological dinosaur on a UK message board. He is the publisher of a magazine called Magonia which has been going for quite a while and is a frequent poster to UFO UpDates where he indulges in long, tedious, and incredibly dull fencing with his bette noir, Jerry Clark. Every time though that John posts something to that List, he immediately has Alfred Lehmberg snapping at his heels, and even though for the most part he ignores Alfred, he nevertheless finds the whole experience extremely irritating. As a consequence, he has beome obsessed with both Clark and Lehmberg and seems unable to talk about anything else, and his mind has become muddled.

     John is also a sceptic when it comes to the ETH and appears to be extremely dubious as regards Ufology generally. His favourite instinctive response on a List is to pop up and claim that "All Ufologists are barking mad", an insightful comment I'm sure you'll agree and one which continues to impart the intellectual gravitas of a man who is proud to boast that he lives amongst dead people. He really does as his house is in a cemetery

     I do not like seeing animals in distress and so as an act of kindness to John, I have taken the liberty of preparing his Ufological schedule for him for the next 12 months so that he can find his way forward and at least have the comfort of knowing what he is going to do before he does it.

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  1. Magonia Magazine has become essentially a debunkerish
    publication. It's not at all
    like its openminded, thoughtful namesake, taken from
    Vallee's Passport to Magonia.

  2. Astonishing! That's John Rimmer? Wow! Having never seen him but nattering back and forth now for years, I expected a reptilian glare or more vulpine visage. He actually looks like a guy I could like! I was _so_ disappointed! LOL!
    AVG Blog --


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