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UFO Fleet Over Mexico 1999 A (Enhanced)
UFO Fleet Over Mexico 1999 B (Enhanced)
By Prof. Ana Luisa Cid

Ana Luis Cid (Sml)     On Friday, November 25 of this year, I received multiple reports of probable UFO fleets that were seen at various points over the Mexican capital and the State of Mexico.

     This information has been gleaned from airport personnel, fellow researchers and the public at large. All witnesses agree that waves of brilliant spheres flying over various locations were involved.

Report from Enrique Vallarino, director of Visión Ovni:

Enrique Vallarino     The Captain Pilot Aviator of the Aeromexico flight headed to Guadalajara from Mexico City reported seeing 5 unidentified spherical objects seen at 12,000 meters over the San Mateo Naucalpan area at 2 in the afternoon. According to this witness, this visual encounter was also detected by the aircraft’s radar.

     Mr. Jesus Ortega reported having seen a group of unidentified spehres flying over La Villa and in his own words, these appeared to “play” with each other because they were engaged in very strange maneuvers in the sky.

     Edgar Valdivia and Luis Armando Mercado reported a fleet of spherical UFOs over the Colonia Roma Sur district, precisely at Viaducto and Toluca streets.

     Other reports issue from the Torre Mayor district on Reforma, from Calle Morena in Narvarte and from the National Medical Center, where witnesses claim having seen over 50 spheres in the sky.

Report from Beatriz Cid Fernández, eyewitness:
     “On Friday, November 25, 2005 , I visited the Basilica of [Our Lady of] Guadalupe in the company of my husband and daughter. When we went out to the esplanade to feed the pigeons, we realized that there were many spheres in the sky engaging in maneuvers.”

     “First, they were arrayed in a single line and then arranged themselves to form a cane-shape, and remained thus for some minutes, on the same site, perfectly static. That’s when I phoned my sister Ana Luisa to tell her about what was going on. The time was approximately 3 pm.”

     “I am certain that they were not balloons because they moved on their own and created formations. Nor were they birds, since their shape was completely spherical and very shiny. They also vanished suddenly before the eyes of over 200 people who were there at the site.”

     “This sighting reminds me greatly of the one I had in 1999 when Pope John Paul II visited Mexico, although at that time I saw them at a lower altitude.” [see above]

Report from Damián Minaya, director of the GIFOE group:
     Mr. Carlos Valencia reports the sighting of a flotilla of approximately 100 silver spherical objects that flew over the “Mundo E” shopping center in the State of Mexico at 14;30 hours. The spheres were headed east.

Report from Salvador Guerrero, researcher:
     “At approximately 3 p.m. last Friday, I saw a group of spheres heading swiftly twoard the Volcano Area. I was at my work station in the Colonia Morelos district and didn’t have my camcorder handy, but I’m certain that it was a UFO fleet.”

     “It is my belief that Mexico is experiencing an intense UFO wave and we must be alert to these developments.”

Report from Alfonso Salazar :

Article from Diario La Prensa by Pablo Chávez
26 November 2005
     “Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been seen once more over Mexico City. These events were reported by an air traffic controller at the Mexico City International Airport (MCIA), who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.”

     “The first report took place at 11:30 hours last Wedenesday, when personnel from Centro Mexico observed a large, seemingly metallic spherical object some 4.5 miles from MCIA.

     “The second sighting occurred yesterday, between 14:00 and 16:00 hours, when a fleet of several objects was detected at high altitude, according to Alfonso Salazar, an aviation technician, of approximately 12,000 meters.”

     “Moreover—he said—reports were received from various parts of the capital concerning the presence of these objects, from the Viaducto in the vicinity of Puente Morena, from Paseo de la Reforma by Torre Mayor, and even from the atrium of the Basilica of Guadalupe.”

     “It was unofficially known that the 14:00 flight from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco to Mexico City reported seeing five objects as it approached the nation’s capital.

UFOs Reported in Mexican Paper
Visión Ovni
Alfonso Salazar
Diario “La Prensa”
Beatriz Cid Fernández
Maussan Producciones S.A de C. V.

S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology
(c) 2005.


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