Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hot Off The Press! Latest Issue of 'UFO Review'

By Stuart Miller
UFO Review

     As usual, either of the the two top left hand buttons on the site, both marked "Current Issue", depending on which format you want. Both the PDF file and the Word doc are of a similar size at 2.1 MB. Amazingly, it's still free.

     Probably boosted by two recent major conferences, Cryptozoology appears to be on an upswing at the moment and interviews with Loren Coleman seem to be appearing all over the place. Not like this one though. This is an in depth look at Loren's career from his childhood, his family, his upbringing, his initial interest, his influences, his books, his relationships with Keel and Sanderson, and the similarities in many ways between Ufology and Cryptozoology. He also tells us why he won't be shooting Bigfoot when they eventually meet.

     Dr. Michael Salla speaks - just a few words.

     A Close Encounter. By Andrew Pike FRAS. Did the astronomical reassurances a few months back that Asteroid 2004 MN4 would miss this planet on April 13th 2036 put your mind at rest? Oh dear. Pikey scares you witless. Well, he did me.

     Linda Moulton Howe. An exhaustive and comprehensive interview with Linda who talks at length and with passion about cattle mutilations and what they’re about and what they’re not about, her career, Rick Doty, her critics, and the Government. Linda speaks openly and frankly and this interview reminds us again of her professionalism and commitment and very extensive experience.

     By coincidence, Cattle Mutilations
     An interview with Daisy the Cow. Tough stuff.

     The Hendaye Connection
     Another quite outstandingly well written and referenced
article by Kithra on the Hendaye Cross, Fulcanelli, Galactic Superwaves and Mother Shipton’s prophecies

     The Dam Acne Column
     Our resident Fortean specialist reports on a case of a UFO spotted at the centre of the universe in Harpenden. Sadly, not all is as it seems though. Sigh.

     Interview with Dr. Robert Farrell
     You write a book and self publish it. Then what do you do to get the word out? Wendy Colleen Gastl follows Dr. Farrell as he tours the States promoting his book "Alien Log".

     Searching For The Truth
     Dennis Balthaser’s excellent commentary

     Dossier: Mysterieux felins en promenade
Vous irriter juste, nous avons un article dans une langue que
vous ne pouvez pas comprendre probablement. Et pourquoi pas!
Notre Christain Mace de cher ami écrit au sujet de grands chats
et à ce qu'ils se lèvent.

     Meaningful Contact; George Adamski and the Contactees as Social
Reformers by A.J. Gulyas. In part a response to Sheryl Gottschall’s excellent piece in our last issue, this is a brilliantly written, easy to read, partial MA thesis that looks at the Contactee movement from a sympathetic yet objective perspective.

     Review of The Why Files - a look at the redesigned site since
Clive Denton took over as webmaster.

     Review of the Probe International Conference, St Annes,
Blackpool in October. Should conference organisers really give
me free tickets and allow me in?

     Plus, the usual madness, cartoons, and a general air of levity
all designed to bring a smile to your face and to lift you out
of the current ufological doom and gloom.



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