Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"But What is Exopolitics? It is The Scholarly Study of The Political Implications of an Extraterrestrial Presence Here on Earth"

Big Brass & Dignitaries to Speak at Upcoming Hawaii Conference
US Newswire

     KONA, Hawaii, Nov. 21 /U.S. Newswire/ -- What topic could possibly bring together a brigadier general, an ambassador who served under two presidential administrations, a celebrity and spiritual teacher recently featured in the popular movie, "What the Bleep do we Know", a Yale graduate lawyer, a doctor of mathematics, a cetacean expert, several authors and several seemingly average citizens with world changing experiences to share for a conference open to the public? Ask the founder of the Hawaii based Exopolitics Institute, Dr. Michael Salla, and he will answer that center stage revolves around the issue of creating exopolitical peace strategies. But what is Exopolitics? It is the scholarly study of the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. Sound like science fiction, well, it is not and next June 9-11, 2006 in Kona, Hawaii, an impressively credentialed group will convene in a three day public event to present factual information on this topic of: Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace.

     Although California traditionally takes the lead in pioneering paradigm shifting ideas, this time the Big Island of Hawaii is setting the stage for leadership and peace building concepts that explores entirely new territory. Recently at a Toronto conference the former Canadian Defense Minister, the Hon. Paul Hellyer, opposed the weaponization of space and stated that an American Airforce General had confirmed the factual nature of the book entitled,"The Day After Roswell" by ret. Col. Philip Corso. This book details the American government's knowledge of extraterrestrial visitors. Now out in the open, this issue of an extraterrestrial presence and the importance of peace strategies will be examined in a ground breaking series of presentations sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute. Conference tickets and more information about this event are available online at: http//:www.ETWorldPeace.com

     Ambassador John W. McDonald, Founder and Chairman for the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy will be a featured speaker. Also General Stephen Lovekin, US Army National Guard JAG division will address the conference. Other presenters include J.Z. Knight, founder of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Italian photo-journalist Paola Harris, Alfred Webre, JD, Director for the Institute for Cooperation in Space, Dr. Thomas Hansen who was the founder of the Peace Exchange Foundation, archeological scholar and author Neil Freer, local dolphin researcher Joan Ocean, French author of "The Science of Extraterrestrials", Jean Ederman, Mexican photographer and contactee Carlos Diaz, author and ECETI founder James Gilliland, channel Darryl Anka, Disclosure Witness ret. Capt. Robert Salas, researcher ret. Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and conference convener, Dr. Michael Salla, author of "Exopolitics", and President of the Exopolitics Institute.

     The Exopolitics Institute is a non-profit organization launched in July 2005 and based in Kealakekua, Hawaii, is dedicated to studying the key political actors, institutions and processes associated with credible evidence that extraterrestrial races are visiting, monitoring or residing on Earth. For more information about the Institute please visit: http//:www.ExopoliticsInstitute.org

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  1. A large segment of the American people have become fiercely stupid and lazy, while another segment are adamantly detached from the most basic curiosity of the wonders of life and even the question, why we are here. Yet an even larger segment of the population keeps their addiction to the mainstream media, sports, and drugs to maintain their hypnotic trance to keep from becoming engaged to any controversy. Besides these obstacles we have a deeply corrupt political system countering any momentum towards the public becoming aware or informed in any way. My God, we lost our Republic on 9/11 and people are unwilling to act, despite overwhelming evidence. Our so called leaders are so guilty and aware a mountain of evidence is available to convict them all that those complicit have resorted to threatening its own citizens, by enacting illegal and unconstitutional laws like the NDAA. These murderers who took control of America must be indicted and our government must be restored to the people.
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