Wednesday, October 12, 2005

UFOs Cause Alarm in Boston Airport

Radar Traffic Controller
La Capital

     Washington-The airport of the American city of Boston reported delays in air traffic after the appearance of UFOs by air traffic controllers as detected by radar.

     A spokesman for the airport said today, “they are not airplanes because the points do not correspond to the position of any [airplanes] that are in the air.

     The mysterious points began to materialize Monday on the radar screens of the air traffic controllers of Logan International Airport, informed the Ansa agency.

     As a precautionary measurement the control of the flights was transferred to the reserve radar center of New Hampshire while the phenomenon was being investigated.

     In addition the controllers increased the safe distance between the flights between 5 and 8 kilometers, a precaution that caused the delay of numerous flights.

     The effect caused delays of up to four hours and the authorities of American civil aviation opened an investigation into the event.

     Other airports have had similar problems but the mysterious objects appeared only in the radar screens of Boston.

* Roughly translated By FW

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