Saturday, October 15, 2005

UFO Returns With Friends

UFO  Window Bolivia
The Presence of UFOs Generates Curiosity and Astonishment in The Area

Channel 39 managed to catch images of the five UFOs


     La Patria—Five Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were sighted last Wednesday in the area of Oruro causing curiousity and astonishment to thousands of people who witnessed the strange objects. In addition the UFOs were filmed by channel 39 Corporación Orureña de Comunicación (COC).

     The UFOs appeared in the sky at 22:30 hours. Initially there were two strange objects in the area and attention was drawn to them by their red, green and blue lights in sequential form, which would appear and disappear in the sky.

     Most familiar regarding the UFO was the silverplated coloration of circular form, that showed two circumferences, a small one located in the interior of the object and the other located in the outside of the circumference that turned at an impressive speed.

     The spectacle called the attention f the neighbors; in addition Channel 39 managed to record the presence of the UFOs. Citizens from different parts of the city called the television station to report what they were seeing.


     Abel Flores Mújica expressed his surprise about seeing UFOs in the area.

     "I say device because I know what I saw, my daughter insisted it had to be the planet Mars. But the object had lights and was not a star. The one last night surprised me but my daughter said it wasn’t unique and there were other sightings.”

     The journalist, Pedro Rubín de Celis maintained what he observed Wednesday night and says we’re not alone in the universe.

     “it was a wonderful occurrence in the sky, seeing the UFOs and many people went to their balconies to observe the spectacle.

     The zoom lens of the camera has been able to show to us, outside the sparkles of the ship, a circle with concentric movements of other circles around the ship and to the center a black point, the objects also enjoyed movement ", he explained.

* Roughly translated by FW

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