Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Noisy UFO Woke Birch Hill Residents

UFO Noisy Over Birch Hill
Latest UFO is spotted hovering over Birch Hill homes

By Nick Capehorn
IC Berkshire

     A NOISY UFO woke Birch Hill residents in the early hours of Monday morning when it zoomed over the sleeping suburb.

     The craft spent half-an-hour hovering above houses in Jevington before zipping towards South Hill Park, according to witnesses.

     Susan Mallia, who called the Midweek to see if anyone else reported the strange sight, said: "I have never seen anything like that before. It looked like a pile of scaffolding with lights, red, blue and orange ones.

     "It also had a big spotlight that was moving around. I don't think it was a helicopter because it sounded like a vacuum cleaner or a generator.

     "Perhaps it was a weather balloon. It was very noisy, and it would have woken everyone in the area. It woke me at 2.30am and my husband and I watched it for half and hour.

     "Just as he went to get his camera it headed off to South Hill Park and was out of sight -- but we could still hear it."

     Midweek's sister paper the Bracknell News was invaded with calls of an extra-terrestrial nature over the summer as UFOs flocked to observe the town.

     Nowhere in Bracknell Forest was left out of the spacemen's tour, with the paper reporting sightings at the Coppid Beech Hotel (July 7), Birch Hill (July 14), Crown Wood (July 19), Binfield and College Town (July 28) and another in Binfield (August 30).

     The News also interviewed local man Terry Walters, who claims he was operated on by aliens in the 1960s and has alsoexorcised a borough councillor's home.

     Since then alien visitors seemed to have flown south for the winter, but it appears they are once again spying on the town's residents.

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