Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More And More UFOs Fly Over Bolivian City

UFOs Over Oruro
Now the UFOs were caught on film by a group of journalists of a television station


     A group of journalists decided to go to film the sky of the Bolivian city of Oruro after the reiterated assertions of the residents there who assured them of witnessing UFOs over their city.

     Thus they decided to stake out a place near the ATB television station in the hopes a UFO would appear.

     Paola Medina, Julio Espinoza and Jose Romero, reporters for ATB, were surprised when two strange objects appeared that were described as having a diamond form and with lights that changed of color.

     The object was filmed at the same moment by several inhabitants of the city who notified the TV station of the phenomenon.

     The decision to go in search of a ship from another world over the skies of Oruro was made after the eyewitness account of Gustavo Ponce; he was steadfast in his declaration of a sighting he had days earlier.

      The Bolivian newspaper, La Patria reported that thousands of OrureƱos have witnessed the UFOs over the last week.

     The first well-known contact was made by a resident [Gustavo Ponce] who filmed the phenomenon with his camcorder.

     Thursday another UFO surprised residents; it was described as a star that darted from one place to another in the skies above Oruro.

* Roughly Translated By FW

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