Sunday, October 30, 2005

MoD Probes UFO Sightings

Walien invasion: MoD probes UFO sightings

By Matt Withers

     WALES is being invaded by little green men, with the Ministry of Defence probing a new UFO sighting every six weeks.

     MoD records handed to Wales on Sunday show 28 official reports of UFO sightings over the past three years.

     They include objects with legs spinning over the Valleys, a flying disc over Newport and a large black object hovering above Rhyl.

     The MoD says there are probably "rational explanations" for the sightings, but it would be a waste of money to examine further.

     But alien experts say many of the sightings cannot be explained so easily and need examining.

     The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show seven sightings in 2002, eight in 2003, four in 2004 and nine so far this year.

     All but one were spotted in the south of the country - a large black object sighted over Rhyl in March 2004.

     Julie Monk, director of air staff at the MoD, said they examined UFO reports only to check if foreign aircraft had entered UK airspace.

     She said: "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat to the UK from an external source, and to date no UFO report has revealed such evidence. we do not attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting reported to us.

     "We believe that rational explanations, such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena, could be found for them if resources were diverted for this purpose, but it is not the function of the MoD to provide this kind of aerial identification service.

     "It would be an inappropriate use of defence resources if we were to do so."

     But Cardiff-based UFO boffin Chris Fowler said there were facilities available to probe the sightings.

     He said: "Some of them I think straightaway sound like it's misidentification of planes, but some of them sound quite interesting.

     "Some of them, possibly most of them, could be explained away.

     "The people who pilots report sightings to are called UK Airprox, who are staffed by a mixture of civil and military experts in their fields, so they actually have got the facilities to look into these things.

     "There are credible sightings. And either these are ours, which mean we've got technology far more powerful than the ones we know about, or they're somebody else's. I don't know more than that."

     Earlier this year it emerged a spate of UFO sightings in Wales prompted a secret Ministry of Defence investigation.

     The clamour around the possibility of aliens visiting Pembrokeshire forced Government officials to look into the situation in the late 1970s.

     Sightings include...

     November 11, 2002: Two objects of different colour were spotted moving up and down above Cardiff docks.

     January 15, 2003: A large round disc "slightly smaller than the moon" was seen over Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan. It was creamy white, before changing to green.

     July 12, 2003: Two round black objects with legs were sighted spinning over the Rhondda Valley.

     February 18, 2002: A "large black object" was seen in the sky above Rhyl at 4pm.

     January 31, 2005: An orange ball of light with "spiderish legs" spotted over Port Talbot.

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