Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cylindrical Shaped UFO Photographed Over Santiago, Chile

Ovni Over Santiago 2 Cropped Enhanced

     SANTIAGO, October 01, 2005. - Carlos Sandoval is a pharmaceutical industrialist who works in an area bordering the international airport of Santiago, Arturo Merino Benítez.

     He often observes airplanes that circulate around the airport. Nevertheless, a few days ago back he was surprised to witness a strange object of cylindrical and luminous form that made irregular movements in the sky.

     In an interview with Meganoticias , Carlos Sandoval related the strange event in which he indicated that the movement of the object presented/displayed in the form of an "L". "It was like the move of the horse in the chess, with the form of an “L” in the sky", said the witness.


     The event provoked Sandoval to inquire about the video from the security cameras of his employers, which recorded images of the object. The UFO was cylindrical in shape and wasn’t in the normal flight routes taken by conventional aircraft to and from the airport.

     After reviewing the video and realizing it’s signifcance, Sandoval contacted the investigators of CIFAE-Chile, who after analyzing the recording made the consultations to the Air Force in case it had been a “Hercules airplane” or another type of military aircraft or exercise; those alternatives were quickly discarded.

* Roughly translated by FW

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