Monday, October 24, 2005

Aldrin Said That a UFO Accompanied The Apollo 11 Mission

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     Thirty-six years after the event, astronaut Buzz Aldrin the second man who stepped on Earth’s natural satellite confessed that he saw a UFO next to the Apollo 11 space ship.

Aldrin presented/displayed a video segment 3.5 minutes long while on approach to the moon on the Science television channel. In the tape a very strange object appears, and accompanies the Apollo ship.

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  1. Buzz Aldrin admits to seeing a UFO escorting them to the moon. It is obvious the list of reasons to discredit UFOs do not apply in the nothingness of space. Aldrin photographed them as well. All sources of sightings are systematically discredited or are downplayed.I have seen UFOs fly straight up and silent from a low level near the ground at close proximity. I was with other people. No amount of disinformation will wash away what I remember, nor will it for Buzz Aldrin who was in a much more significant position to prove they exist. Why would the government take a positon of no opinion or doesn't have any knowledge?
    Military applications would abound for a "zero mass vehicle" that could fly within range of the Earth or a star while repelling magnetically and neutralizing or reversing the effects of gravity around the spaceship. Recorded speeds of these anomalies were clocked at 7,000 mph within the atmosphere. These technologies would have tremendous military advantagees. Recent releases from DARPA, the Aurora project speculations and unmanned robotic missions all suggest advancing technology similar to what UFOs were in the past.
    Why not talk of these technologies here in a structured discussion and viewer comentary?


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