Thursday, September 08, 2005

UFOs Over Armidale

UFO Over Armidale
Just what was that in the sky on Monday night?

By Daniel Bateman
The Armidale Express

      SOMETHING strange was seen in the sky above Old Inverell Rd on Monday night.

     An Armidale taxi driver heading towards the town, who wanted to remain anonymous, claimed he and two other people saw a line of three bright orange lights, heading west about 8.10.

     The lights, he estimated, were about the size and colour of streetlights and about 200 to 300m above the ground, travelling in total silence.

     They were travelling at a speed of about 70-80km/h.

     "I have no idea what they were," he said.

     "They were about the same size of street lights. We had nothing to compare with how high they were, but they not very high at all.

     "There were no navigation lights at all, and no noise.

     "We thought they could have been balloons, but they were going too fast."

     Reports of Royal Australian Air Force exercises in the city were denied by an Australian Defence Force spokesman, who said there was no RAAF activity in the area during that time.

     "We haven't been notified of anything at all," he said.

     University of New England school of physics' Dr Allan Ernest believed the UFO could have been a meteor, breaking into smaller particles upon entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

     "If it's a natural phenomenon, then more than likely it's a meteor," Dr Ernest said.

     "Travelling through the sky, they can be all sorts of colours, depending on their composition.

     "The usual colour is orange and they can be very fast, leaving an instant trail."

     He said he has seen bright orange meteorites travelling at speeds similar to aeroplanes through the sky while driving on the New England Highway, near Black Mountain.

     Armidale is no stranger to unexplained phenomena in its night sky.

     In 1996, a North Queensland man visiting Armidale spotted a flat, disk like craft with red orbs flying through the trees in the eastern side of the town.

     And in 1972, an Earle Page College student reported a metallic egg-shaped object traversing the twilight sky, at the speed of a low flying light plane.

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  1. I saw something similar with my (now ex) girlfriend. But they were moving in the direction of the wind moving from town out towards the airport and we saw them first as we passed the airport. I felt suspicious of these and while i couldn't see any sign of a balloon each light might be attached to (even with my head out the window) i wanted to see them from the side and as they were so low we drove up to the lookout on north hill and as we got there we saw a man with a black scraggly beard, thining scraggly hair and 'loud' print shirt who upon spotting us hastily put a camera tripod away into a white van and drove off swiftly. Now i still didn't see any sign of balloons connected to the red lights but i suspect they were some form of hoax. However I also saw a floating shiny metal sphere immobile despite strong wind not far out of Armidale heading towards Uralla somewhere before the CSIRO turnoff and before gaining sight of the Deep Space Tracking Station. It was small, maybe basketball sized but it just hung there in broad daylight defying any explanation i could come up with.


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