Thursday, September 01, 2005

Off Limits, Even To Their Own Military Personnel

By Dennis Balthaser

     Through my years of doing research about the 1947 Roswell Incident, I have had the opportunity to meet and interview many witnesses. A few of those came forward on their own, due to being involved themselves, while many others were located through someone else that either knew the witness, or had heard of their involvement in one way or another. A new witness to a researcher like me is like a child waking up on Christmas morning and finding what they had hoped for under the tree. I keep hoping that the next witness that comes forward just might be the one that has the information all researchers are looking for to resolve the Roswell Incident. We know such individuals are still out there, whether they are retired military or civilians that were here in Roswell in 1947.

     All witnesses’ accounts add to the volumes of information we have already assembled on the Roswell Incident. Once a new witness is located and interviewed, the next step is validating the new information to see if in fact it is factual or not, and that sometimes is hard to accomplish. Many times it proves unverifiable, but being able to obtain any new information adds to our case and sometimes can verify other similar accounts.

     Another problem is a lack of information due to not being able to remember all the details of an event that happened 58 years ago, or the names of the witnesses, etc., and each year that passes, that becomes more of a problem. Such was the case recently when I was contacted by a person that told me, “she had an interesting story about someone that was stationed here in 1947”.

     With my web site being seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, as indicated by the number of visitors the site receives, I’m always interested in knowing where individuals that contact me are from and how they found out about my research. Many indicate they have done a web search on the Roswell Incident and my site came up, and it’s truly amazing where some of the visitor’s to my site are from, and just how world-wide the internet is. In this case however, the person that contacted me lives right here in Roswell, and had read a recent editorial (“Threats to Roswell Witnesses – Why”), I had written for the local newspaper about witnesses being threatened, that were involved in the 1947 Incident. I received many comments after that editorial was posted, both locally in the newspaper and on the 16 other web sites that post my editorials every other month. The only new information I received about threats to individuals however was from the person that called me locally, after reading the editorial.

     She was excited when she called me and said I have an experience that you might be interested in hearing. She started by telling me, “that she was about 10 or 11 years old when the event happened in 1947” and gave me her address here in Roswell where she lived at the time with her parents. There was a small apartment behind their house that was being rented by a military couple, assigned to the Roswell Army Air Field. The informant thought the couple was probably in their late 20’s or early 30’s, with young children.

     The serviceman’s wife had become very ill and was admitted to the base hospital for treatment. In order to visit his wife while she was hospitalized and take care of the children, the airman had taken military leave. She could not remember the exact date but knew for sure that it was the same time as the Roswell Incident, which would have been around July 4, 1947. Her mother and her would sometimes watch the children of the airman if they needed to go somewhere.

     Such was the case on one particular day when the airman dressed in his military uniform planned on going to the hospital to see his wife, who by now had become ill to the point of being critical. He had planned on staying at the hospital with his wife for a length of time, but much to the surprise of the woman who called me and her mother, who were caring for his children back then, he returned home shortly after leaving the house, extremely upset and mad.

     He stated that when he got to the hospital, he was met by armed military personnel with rifles and was told he could not go in the hospital to see his seriously ill wife at that time. He was not given any reason other than the hospital was off limits to everyone, regardless of their situation.

     Over the years of research into the Roswell Incident, the use of armed military personnel to keep people out has been mentioned at the base hospital, Hangar 84, Sheriff Wilcox’s office and other locations in Roswell and on the military base.

     After listening to this woman’s account of the airman’s experience at the hospital, I was anxious to obtain more information from her. Unfortunately due to the time span since it happened (58 years), she was not able to remember the couple’s name. I was hopeful that if she remembered his name, I could possibly locate him (if still alive) and get a first hand account of his experience. Another alternative would have been the children’s names---to ask them if the incident had ever been mentioned within any family discussions.

     This account by someone who “was there” at the time will be added to the long list of other accounts we have on file. Unfortunately we won’t be able to follow up on this one, because no additional information is available, but in my research it will remain as an accurate account of something unusual that really happened during the Roswell Incident of 1947. This again shows how very critical and important it is for anyone having knowledge of anything that took place at the Roswell Army Airfield or anywhere else to come forward with whatever information they might have.

     Time is our worst enemy in resolving the Roswell Incident. In this case, the woman voluntarily coming forward with information has been extremely important in adding additional information to what we already have documented. This again appears to be proof of the extreme measures taken by the military to keep anyone not directly related to the incident from having any knowledge about what was actually happening. It also validates my desire to find the truth and I continue to ask, if it was a weather balloon, Mogul balloon or crash test dummies that happened in July 1947 near Roswell New Mexico---why were both military and civilian personnel threatened?

     It’s extremely gratifying to me as a researcher, when sharing my research and thoughts in an editorial, at a lecture or in an interview, prompts someone to contact me about information they have, and have not previously shared.

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