Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Grant Cameron Interview

By Stuart Miller
Phenomena News Editor

The Presidents and the Hard Evidence: Bodies, wreckage, machinery. A review of how the US Government has tried to tell the truth.
Grant Cameron Sml     You don’t believe me? This isn’t what happens? It’s the last thing they would ever try to do?

     Well, don’t tell that to Grant Cameron. But be careful of speaking to this man. Grant is so absorbing and interesting to talk to that with him, the “missing time” scenario comes into play. After a few minutes of conversation with him, you check your watch and find that those “few minutes” is an hour or longer. This man is indefatigable, a powerhouse of energetic enthusiasm that has driven him forward into areas of UFO research that have provided rich pickings. And as the Americans say, he’s got some cahones. He’s not afraid to ask questions.

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