Friday, August 26, 2005

UFOs Over Thomasville

UFO Flares
Strange lights over Thomasville

By Arthur McLean
Thomasville Times

      Alex Cassity of Midway is a God-fearing man, so when he saw strange lights in the sky over his home Thursday his first thought was it was the second-coming.

     Cassitys second thought was that it might be a military test. t was really something, he said. but my first thought was, the Lords coming, he laughed.

     What Cassity saw were bright lights in the sky, falling to earth.

     He and his wife had returned home from playing Dominoes with family. After they parked the car, Cassity said he saw a single bright light high above in the sky. It was a clear sky, and I told my wife to look up, he said.

     The couple saw two more lights appear and then a series of four lights appear in quick succession. Boom, boom, boom, he said, they looked like four-pointed stars.

     The flare itself was a golden illumination, and it was quite large and well up in the sky.

     Jean Hutto also saw the lights from her home just south of Thomasville, further to the east.

     The looked like fireworks falling to the ground, she said. I called and asked my daughter if they were shooting fireworks, and she thought I was crazy, but I know what I saw.

     Hutto said she heard airplanes circling overhead and had heard them for several nights.

     No one is claiming they saw a UFO, however.

     Cassity�s explanation that the lights were flares from a military airplane are probably the most likely explanation.

     Military jets can be heard flying over Clarke County, and military aircraft use bright flares as a countermeasure against heat-seeking missles. During training, it is possible that a military aircraft may have launched the flares during an exercise Thursday night.

     Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Selma does not operate jets and officials with Columbus Air Force Base were not available for comment on the flare phenomena.

     Another possible explanation would be the Leonid meteor showers, which light up the night sky during this time of year, but the meteors are usually only seen during early morning hours.

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