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UFO Over Valles Framed

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
From Scott Corrales

By Antonio Martinez Chavez
El Mañana (newspaper), Cd. Valles, San Luis Potosi

     Unidentified flying objects appearing in the skies over Ciudad Valles for the past 3 months have caused a commotion and a series of reactions ranging from fear to uncertainty. Their most important manifestation, however, occured on the 15th of this month at 2 p.m., when at least a dozen UFOs remained visible for nearly 5 minutes in the over the city's southwestern quarter and expelled what witnessed referred to as "space junk"

     Days later, on Thursday the 21st at 10:00 p.m. this same month, a new UFO remained stationary to the south of Valles, in the vicinity of the Regional Hospital, long enough to be photographed by a photojournalist with "El Mañana".

     The case that has attracted the most attention due to the abundance of eyewitnesses, the time of day and the casting of unknown objects was the one that took place over the La Diana and Praderas del Rio neighborhoods.

     That day, as the temperature reached 40 Centigrade, Miroslava and Luz Esmeralda Martinez Hernandez, Prof. Ruth Sandoval, Mr. Enrique Sandoval and other persons residing along 16 de Septiembre Street in La Diana discovered -- while they went about their daily activities and happened to look skyward-- a long row of silvery, oval shaped and seemi-circular objects moving slowly to the east of Valles and over the Valles River.

     "I counted some ten objects. Nine of them were small or at least appeared so at a distance. Then there was a larger one at the end of the row," said an excited Miroslava Martinez Hernandez. She explained, still overwhelmed, that some of the objects made pendulum-type motions, in other words, they rocked from side to side "like a baby's cradle" and when they largest object appeared they surrounded it, forming a kind of ring.

     "Look, they were exactly there," she said, point at a radio antenna atop a house in Praderas de Rio.

     "I even got the impression they were studying the antenna," she added.

     The account was corroborated by Luz Esmeralda, holding her child in arms while she explained the UFOs' movement and shape with hand gestures. "Yes, I also managed to see how they were shaped, moving very slowly. The largest was behind, but the one I saw was circular-shaped, like a plate," she added.

     Both indicated almost at the same time that detail that surprised them the most: that the objects expelled some sort of paper or metal sheets that were red and black in color. "The red was so bright that it even hurt one's eyes...could it have been self-luminous?" wondered Miroslava.

     "The objects expelled seemed to be moved along by the air, and they fell in different directions. We already went looking for them but couldn't find them."

     Prof. Ruth Sanchez Sandoval, a neighbor of Miroslava and Luz Esmeralda, stated while she pointed to the clouds at the sky at the time that "frankly, it seems to me they emerged from that cloud."

     She said that she was in the backyard of her house while her brother Rodrigo was inside. He had just arrived from the U.S. when the sighting occured. "I was stunned by what I was seeing, because although I'd had the opportunity to see UFOs elsewhere in the country, and even my husband Daniel Aguilar saw the army capture one of those objects in 1968, when it fell in Oaxaca, near Monte Albán, but it got away. This was different."

     What drew her attention, she explained, was that within the largest UFO there were yellow or orange lights, and the other smaller ones surrponded it. "Its as if they had been waiting and once together, began moving slowly and then vanished from sight. I wanted to record them with my brother's camcorder, but I didn't want to leave the spot to go and ask him."

     Ruth Sandoval explained that when she saw the UFOs they expelled red and black colored things. "To me they were hexagonal in shape, but very thin, like paper or metal sheets, and they fell in different locations."

     Facing Miroslava, Luz Elena's and Ruth's homes, Mr. Enrique Sandoval, at first hesitant, explained that he had in fact seen the very same thing as the women.
"The only thing I disagree with is the number, since I managed to see some thirty objects in the same direction. They were metallic-collored and I also realized that they threw out things after being suspended for a long time."

     Prof. Sandoval explained that the UFOs were neither airplanes nor helicopters. They were noiseless, stood still in the air and then moved away slowly and then swiftly.

     The mystery that occupied the minds of all witnesses -- there were more, but they were not available for the interview -- was the nature of the objects cast out by the UFOs.

     Teacher Ruth Sandoval repeated the phrase: "Maybe they're dumpling space junk, but what if they're technological items unknown to us?"

     Despite the fact that the witnesses followed the route of the objects, no one could specify exactly where they fell. It could be that they dissolved or that they were sophisticated technological items programmed to fall in certain places, in the bush or underground, so that we could not see them," they said, full of uncertainty.

     * Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid.


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