Thursday, August 11, 2005

Philip J. Klass - Ufology's Arch Nemesis has Passed Away at 86

Philip Klass

     Phil Klass, senior editor at Aviation Week and Space Technology for 35 years, fellow of CSICOP, and arch sceptdebunker of UFO phenomena has passed at the age of 86.

     Interestingly enough, Klass, despite his editorial job, was not a pilot which led many to 'question' his authority on much... especially his interest in Ufology. His stances on many issues within paranormal studies were untenable at best. His constant whining and bothering of many Ufologists was legendary... To the end, Klass was the epitome of the word "Sceptdebunker" and set a standard for many who've tried to follow in his footsteps.

     Jim Moseley of Saucer Smear fame put it best when he said Ufology needed Klass as "Every great religion needs it's Satan." Now that the original Satan is gone, I'm sure another will attempt to rise in his place... but no one will match the status that Klass attended.

     To give "Satan" his due, though, at least Klass showed up to the party. He attended many UFO conventions and even lectured at a few (on the side of sceptdebunkerisms) unlike many of his colleagues in CSICOP.

     Klass will undoubtedly be sorely missed by a small few in Ufology, and his passing will also, undoubtedly, be celebrated by an equally small contingent... but in the end, I do believe the majority in the field will realise with his passing, the
study has reached the end of an era.

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Philip J. Klass

Death Of A Skeptic And Aerospace Journalist

     Jim Oberg emails that Phil Klass has died:

     Phil was a friend and colleague for more than thirty years, an award-winning technical journalist specializing in avionics, for 'Aviation Week' magazine. His iron will carried him through his last difficult years against physical hardships brought on by age and medical errors. He had a bulldog persistence in digging into stories most journalists considered too technical, too difficult, or even too un-researchable, both in military and civilian aviation and space systems, and in his pastime of 'UFO stories'.. . .

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-Funeral services will be held at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, plot 18-4, Section 8B, at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 14. They will be in 'Temple Micah Cemetery', located at 2829 Wisconsin Avenue, interment at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, which is located at 9500 Riggs Rd., Adelphi, MD (DC suburb).


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