Wednesday, August 17, 2005

'Mash-Ups' Reach Ufology

Mashup Graphic

By Frank Warren

     "Not unlike Blogs, Mashups," i.e., combining data from one web-site with "Google Maps" is speading like wildfire; no surprise it has crossed over into Ufology.

     Kevin Maney of Cyberspeak writes a very descriptive article about the new "internet phenomena" here.

     Mash-ups are only limited to the creativity of the developers who produce them, and as one would suspect there are Blogs keeping an eye on the progress. Google Maps Mania a self-proclaimed "unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, ideas and tools being influenced by Google Maps," wrote:
     What was that in the sky? - has established a fun Google Maps mashup.. or a serious one, depending on what side of the UFO-sighting fence you sit. :) This mashup combines the National UFO Reporting Center's database of UFO sightings with a Google world Map. A few quotes from the sightings: "Looking south west, sky clear, height of object difficult to say. First thought I observed a very bright star but then it moved slowly..." or this one: "Witnessed a circular bright light in the san antonio sky that dropped vertically rapidly and disappeared" Many, many more can be found here.

     The upcoming months should prove to be interesting as smaller companies marry their information with "Google Maps," and or "Yahoo Maps" which followed in Google's footsteps. As for "Ufology and Mash-ups," what's might next . . . "abductions?"


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