Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A South Wales Man Locates 'Real' UFO X-Files

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UFO fan Chris digs up real-life X-Files

By David James
South Wales Echo

     The truth is out there - perhaps lurking in a detached house in Rumney, Cardiff.

     A South Wales UFO fan has dug up the real-life X-files thanks to a new law allowing access to Government information.

     Through the Freedom of Information Act, 34-year-old Chris Fowler obtained a detailed 107-page Ministry of Defence report into a night when 70 UFO sightings were reported across Britain - including South Wales.

     The sightings were taken so seriously that high-level consultations were carried out to see if it could have been top-secret trials of American stealth aircraft.

     Chris, who has been interested in UFOs for many years, was delighted with his discovery. He said: 'Ninety per cent of UFO stuff is rubbish but there is a good deal that is really interesting and just cannot be explained away. Everyone should know about stuff like this as it's not enough just to dismiss it out of hand as so many people do.'

     One witness, a Met officer at RAF Shrewsbury, saw an object the size of a jumbo jet projecting a narrow beam of light at the ground from a height of 400 to 500 foot over his head.

     The report released to him contains maps of the sightings on March 31, 1993, police reports, correspondence, witness statements.

     The author's name has been blanked out, but he wrote: 'There are a number of factors that make these sightings unusual. There is a great deal of commonality in many of the sightings and the reliability of the witnesses, a good deal of whom were police officers and military personnel. My staff have made extensive efforts to find an explanation... yet no requests for 'unauthorised activity' have been acknowledged to be received.'

     A senior officer confirmed to him that it could not have been the American stealth project Aurora, which the US has never admitted to owning.

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