Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Sonora Flying Club and Antigravity

Airship Drawing Edited

heartstarters for the hungry mind
     "Dellschau (1830-1923) was an enigmatic self-taught artist -- a Texas butcher who spent his retirement cloistered in an attic painting large-scale books of flying machines. Forgotten for nearly fifty years after his death, his books were unearthed in the late 1960s.."

     But he is also the centre of an engagingly demented theory about a secret society which developed new forms of flight in the 1850's, in machines which were mistaken for UFO's over the next 150 years.

     In the true pattern of the outsider myth, his work was found in the garbage thirty years after he died.

     The story of Dellschau and the Sonora Flying Club is picked in by Rawvision:

     '...Pete Navarro, a Houston artist with an interest in the reported airship sightings, discovered Dellschau's notebooks at their first public display in 1969, traced them back to Fred Washington's store and purchased the remaining eight books. He then began his own intensive study of Dellschau and his work, and made what is to date the most detailed analysis of every known book Dellschau produced and, in doing so, believes he has partially decoded his encrypted message. Piecing together translations of Dellschau's symbolic writing with research on the names and places found in the drawings, he believes he may have reconstructed not only Dellschau's life chronology, but also an important chapter of early aeronautical history. He writes:

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