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Meeting Stanton Friedman - A Special Report

Stan Friedman Smiles

By Larry Henderson Columnist

      Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO's, have intrigued us for generations. The man, synonymous with the topic, is, Stanton Friedman.

It was a pleasure to conduct an interview with him, discussing at length his role in informing the public of what is going on in the world of UFO's. Talking to Mr. Friedman certainly is the high point of my career, as I have long been an armchair enthusiast of the UFO mystery.

In the study of the unknown, the unexplained or the unidentifiable, credibility of those presenting the facts is often questioned. Friedman has the credentials, delivering his answers sincerely and without hesitation.

For the record, he holds a BSC and MSC in Physics from the University of Chicago. Lecturing at over 600 colleges and to 100 professional groups on the topic, Flying Saucers Are Real, his engagements have taken him to 50 states, 9 provinces and 14 countries. Along with appearing on hundreds of radio and television programs, Friedman has published over 80 papers on the subject and was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell, New Mexico incident.

UFO Magazine in Leeds England presented Friedman with a Lifetime Achievements Award in 2002, while that same year Canada broadcast a documentary titled, "Stanton T. Friedman Is Real!!"

In 1980 Friedman decided to relocate from California and set up residence in New Brunswick where his wife's family lived. Her being from a family of nine children, it made sense to be closer to them, as, "we had no family out there" (California) he explained.

He points out that New Brunswick was a "great place" to raise his son and two daughters. Then, there were a few other benefits. "Our house in California had tripled in value but no way to get our money out and stay there. I have never regretted the move," he said. He added that he, "sometimes misses the traffic, the smog, the crime, the earthquakes, but has learned to live without them."

Although he has reached the age of 70, he, "won't truly retire, as I keep getting invitations and I want to write another book." A new edition of his 1996 book, TOP SECRET/MAJIC is set for September release with a new chapter added. Friedman will continue to lecture, "As long as people invite me and I feel I can provide a solid program", he said.

Renowned UFO Expert, Stanton Friedman

In his website biography, he states that the subject of UFO's represents a "Cosmic Watergate", adding that none of the "anti UFO arguments stand up to careful scrutiny."

Unidentified Flying Objects, he insists, is "the biggest story of the past millennium", and suggests that the governments have been covering up evidence for the past 58 years.

As to when we can expect the truth to be revealed, he said, "I have no reason to think the truth will be released anytime soon unless a reporter wants a Pulitzer Prize for blowing the lid off the Cosmic Watergate."

He maintains that evidence is concealed because, "Governments want to stay in power" and "don't want the people to start thinking of themselves as earthlings instead of Americans or Canadians. Can't tell your friends without telling your enemies", he added.

The movie, Fire In The Sky portrays the encounter of Travis Walton and his crew of tree cutters with an unexplained craft. Friedman has met Travis and appeared on television with him. "I stand behind him 100%", he stressed, regarding Walton's sincerity.

Friedman has been involved with UFO's since 1958. Why is he so passionate and what drives him? "I can't think of a more important story than visits to earth by aliens and the government's covering up the facts. I enjoy being on the stage, can use my background in advanced propulsion systems, my knowledge of security, and can give voice to my answers to the Why questions that so many want. Peoples responses are very heartwarming", he explained.

Citing his ability to "stimulate people to become involved" as his number one accomplishment, he points out that he was the original civilian investigator of Roswell, the first to publish about the star map seen in the famous Hill case, won several debates on UFO's, pioneered document research, coined the term, "Cosmic Watergate," and he says, "shown that trips to the stars do NOT violate the laws of Physics."

Although we more often hear about the American sightings and occasional encounters, there are many recorded Canadian occurrences that are worth talking about. Friedman mentioned two sightings, which intrigue him. They are The Falcon Lake Encounter and Shag Harbour, which we will be fodder for another article.

He explains that we hear less about Canadian sightings do to a combination of things such as our, "much smaller population, fewer investigators, and less promotion."

In discussing his recent interview with Peter Jennings on ABC, Friedman was less than pleased. The show, which aired in February, was less than what was anticipated from a professional journalist. In his column in MUFON Journal, (see,, Friedman takes to task the treatment and obvious negativity shown by the Jennings presentation. Quoting from part of his column, "I am really puzzled about certain aspects of the Peter Jennings Productions UFO special seen on ABC on February 24, 2005." Farther along he questions where the show calls him a "promoter" and refers to Roswell as a "myth."

In summary, Stanton Friedman said, "I think most people find UFO's interesting, but they are too fearful of ridicule to say so. Most people believe in UFO's. Unfortunately most people think most other people don't. I check my audiences after my lectures. Typically 10% will have seen a UFO but only 10% of them, will have reported what they saw."

Stanton Friedman continues to be in demand as the lecture circuit beckons him to Hawaii in June for a Conference, and Roswell New Mexico July 1-4. Following this, he appears in Denver that same month and in Virginia Beach December 1-3. There are likely to be other dates announced.

For those in Canada wishing to catch his presentation, there will be an opportunity to see Friedman, in a forum in Toronto, September 25th, at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto beginning at 9am.

Stanton Friedman is highly intelligent and easy to talk to. In our discussions, he was quick to answer, didn't hesitate, appeared very confident, and never wavered in his beliefs.

How far out on a limb will the average guy go to prove the courage of his convictions? Friedman decided long ago to carry the banner for research, and open communication regarding UFO's. This column is dedicated to fostering that goal.

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