Monday, June 13, 2005

Controversy Erupts Over ‘Phoenix UFO Video’

Santiago Yturria Garza
Santiago Yturria Garza

The 'Amazing' Phoenix 'UFO' Shot By Whom And When?

By Santiago Yturria Garza

     This story released on June 8, 2005 at Rense website is now also on Coast to Coast, UFO Casebook and maybe others. It seems that Mr. Brian Bessent has been busy promoting this video in order to sell the DVD Signs from the Sky, a recollection of several UFO videos from different sources that has been around for sometime.

     According to Mr. Bessent's testimonial he videotaped this sighting along with a friend the night of June 5, 2005 in Phoenix, AZ. After I read the article on wednesday June 8 the images resulted somehow familiar to me. I knew I have seen them before so I checked the Signs from the Sky website and there it was, the amazing UFO from Phoenix on display along with the other videoclips included in the DVD.

     This resulted disconcerting so I checked the date of the webpage in Google using the cache and I found the date as May 28, 2005. This is the info:

     This is Google's cache of as retrieved on 28 May 2005 16:11:39 GMT.

     Now I ask Mr. Brian Bessent how is it possible that he videotaped this UFO over Phoenix last Sunday June 5 when the same video was on display in the Signs from the Sky webpage since May?

     Certainly confusing.

     I sent a message to Mr. Bessent asking him to comment about this issue and to clear the confusion with the dates and his testimonial. I have not received any reply yet.

     However Mr. Bessent made a quick update to the Signs from the Sky website taking away the images of the mentioned UFO from Phoenix and replacing them with other ones from other sources. This was done between the night of wednesday June 8 and the morning of June 9.

     However Mr. Bessent forgot that Google keeps a cache of the webpages so the evidence is still there for all of you to check.

     What is the mystery behind this footage? Why Brian Bessent is releasing this story even that he knows the video was on display since May 2005? Is Bessent willing to come forward and explain these inaccuracies?

     I don't know if the footage is real or a fake but I have serious doubts about it. I understand Brian Bessent lives in Texas and runs a company named PYRAMEDIA. He is also webmaster of the UFO Theatre and sells the DVD Signs from the Sky.

     This case is spreading quickly while the contradiction remains there still unanswered by Mr. Bessent.

     Therefore I ask him again: Who took this video, on what date and where?


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  1. What some don't know is that the AZ video footage is not included in the "Signs From The Sky" compilation.

    Google's cache is only of the HTML and does not cache images, only image file names. In this case the cached file names happened to be the same abbreviated names used for the AZ stills before the names were changed.

    I'm not saying the video is fake or real but Google's cache is not evidence of the date the video was supposedly taken.


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