Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wanted: SA UFO spotters

UFO Spotters

By Craig Bishop

     Pietermaritzburg - If you've ever had an alien love child or seen a flying saucer then you're the ideal candidate for a South African panel of UFO experts.

     Co-ordinator of the South African Unidentified Flying Object Research Association, Val McCarthy, said the association desperately needed a fourth alien "experiencer" for its panel.

     "Aliens only appear to people who are spiritually evolved and who are responsible enough to spread their message," said McCarthy.

     And what is the message?

     "People must stop destroying the planet. Our actions affect other civilisations. We have to learn to live in harmony with mother earth," McCarthy explained.

     She said that she had encountered extra-terrestrial beings on three occasions and, as an amateur astronomer, was well-acquainted with 99 percent of all objects in the sky.

     She said that when she was 16 and living in Sandringham, in Johannesburg's northern suburbs, she had a sudden, strong "telepathic" urge to look out the window.

     "Then I saw them - orange, red and white lights erratically zig-zagging all over the sky. Then they obviously raised their vibrations and blinked out," she said.

     Plenty have been spotted

     She said her mother had seen a silent, cigar-shaped mother-ship complete with portholes.

     There have not been many UFO sightings on the African continent or, if there are, they don't make the news, according to one internet UFO site.

     Nevertheless, plenty of UFOs have been spotted from the Cape to KwaZulu-Natal.

     In 1989 late KwaZulu-Natal writer and Cambridge University physicist Elizabeth Klarer claimed to have had a child, Ayling, with her alien lover, Akon.

     She said Akon came from the planet Meton, some 4.2 light years from earth.

     Ayling would now be 46 years old and was, according to the most recent reports, an astrophysicist scouring the universe with his father, wife Clea and young son.

     Klarer brought back a ring, crystals and rocks and a fern from Planet Meton, which, according to UFO experts were found to be far older than anything on earth.

     Klarer's close friend, Pietermaritzburg UFO club founder, Kitty Smith, says people should not be scared of the unknown.

     he says she saw an alien ship while at Champagne Castle with her son, Greg, who was 13 at the time.

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