Sunday, May 01, 2005

Observations of An Undetected Alien

Alien Earth Eyes

By PJ Zaff / Local Columnist
Metro West Daily News

     Deep in a Puerto Rican forest sits the world's largest radio telescope with a 1,000 foot in diameter spherical "ear" listening to transmissions from outer space. The Aricebo Observatory was built in 1963 and performs scientific explorations of sound waves coming from distant stars, quasars and anything else making noise in the cosmos.

     Yes, it does look for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, but most of its function is more scientifically mundane. Thirty years ago, as a publicity stunt, the engineers at Aricebo broadcast a message to whoever might be listening, telling them about us, where we are in the solar system, our important chemicals and DNA, and even providing a stick figure representing what we look like.

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