Friday, May 13, 2005

Have Scientists Just Proven Bob Lazar Right on Alien Antigravity Systems?
- Part Two-

Bob Lazar

By Tom Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter

     In part-one of our editorial on zero-gravity propulsion systems (with input from Stanton Friedman and Stan Deyo), we made the connection between anti-gravity advancements, Element 115, and the decade old claims by Bob Lazar. In part two of this feature we check in to see if Lazar is still sticking to his claims. – (Raiders News Update) - In part-one of this article we referenced The Guardian's science correspondent, David Adam's article "How to float like a stone" in which he quoted researchers in the New Journal of Physics concerning the development of an antigravity machine that can float heavy stones, coins and lumps of metal in mid-air.

     Space Daily also elaborated on the experiment by scientists at the University of Nottingham, saying they had successfully levitated some of the heaviest elements, including lead and platinum.

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