Friday, May 20, 2005

Bob Lazar: The Man Behind Area 51

Bob Lazar

By George Knapp
Investigative Reporter
     As the Area 51 military base prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday next week, the man who put the base on the public's radar screen says he wants nothing to do with the place.

   Former government scientist Bob Lazar is the man who claimed to have worked on alien technology at a facility near Groom Lake, but Lazar left town years ago and has kept a low profile ever since.

   Millions of people have heard Bob Lazar's story, and a lot of them believe it. The poohbahs of ufology think Lazar is a government disinformation agent assigned to spread lies and muddy the waters about what really goes on at Area 51. Still others think he's a profiteer who made it all up because he wanted to cash in.

   Lazar decided years ago to leave the sniping behind. He left the state, dropped out of sight and started a new life. So where is he and what's he doing?

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