Thursday, April 28, 2005

Phobos, Lapetus, Sherlock Holmes, and Artificial ET Satellites?!


By Thomas Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter
4-26-05 – (Raiders News Update) A feature article this week by Space Daily asks us to "Imagine if the illustrious Sherlock Holmes lived in modern times. He might decide to take on the challenge of solving the mysterious disappearance of the Beagle 2, a British spacecraft that vanished without a trace after entering the atmosphere of Mars on Christmas Day, 2003."

    Perhaps Sherlock would find that the Beagle 2 went the way of many other spacecraft, "vanished" by a mysterious force that is as yet unknown to human explorers. Two-thirds of all international missions to the red planet have failed under similar circumstances, some from technical glitches no doubt, maybe even all of them.

     "On the Other Hand, My Good Watson, the Game is Afoot!"

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