Monday, March 28, 2005

Noted Parapsychologist Fernando Jimenez del Oso-Dead at 63

La Estrella Digital (EFE, Madrid)

Parapsychologist Fernando Jimenez del Oso dies at age 63 at Madrid's La Princesa Hospital

Jimenez was the author of books and articles on magic, spiritism, the occult, divination, UFOs and other mysteries -- subjects that intrigued him from a young age.

Fernando Jimenez del Oso, doctor of psychiatry and parapsychologist, died yesterday at age 63, as confirmed by sources in Madrid's La Princesa Hospital. Born in Madrid in 1941, he studied medicine at Universidad Complutense, specializing in psychiatry, which he practiced for many years.

He wrote books and dozens of articles and was the editor of encyclopedias and collections such as "La Puerta del Misterio" on magic, spiritism, the occult, divination, UFOs and other mysteries which fascinated him since his youth. He established and edited a number of specialized publications, such as "Mas Allá" and also devoted himself to reporting in an infinity of radio and TV programs.

In early 1976 he took over the "Mas Allá" program and returned to television in 1982 with "La Puerta del Misterio". That very same year the series "La España Mágica" commenced, devoting 13 chapters to the subject of UFOs. He subsquently hosted the "Punto de Encuentro" shwo.

In 1989 he wrote, directed and presented two television documentaries on Mexican and Peruvian culture with the titles "El Imperio del Sol" and "El Otro Mexico".

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