Friday, September 06, 2013

Area 51: UFO Hotspot was Training Ground for Simulated Dogfights with Russian Migs

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Tomcat vs Mig

Area 51 Dogfight: Ex-Navy Pilot Allan Palmer's Encounter With Soviet MiGs Over UFO Hotspot (EXCLUSIVE)

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     When the CIA recently -- finally -- released a declassified report confirming the existence of the once-mythical Nevada military base known as Area 51 -- aka Groom Lake -- it also opened the door for many little known stories to emerge about the goings-on at the still-top secret installation. . . .

. . . Little known to the public was how Soviet-built MiG jets -- captured from previous aerial conflicts -- were brought to Area 51, reengineered and used in simulated combat dogfights with American jet fighters.

"Actually, I've been to Area 51 -- I flew out there, back in the days when I was in the Navy, flying F-14 Tomcats out of Naval Station Miramar in San Diego, around 1975," former distinguished Air Force and Navy pilot Allan Palmer told The Huffington Post.

"We spent some time in the desert up there doing aerial gunnery. We'd go out to Naval Air Station Fallon [in western Nevada]. They said, 'Look, at the end of your flying time, go out here on this radial and DME mileage from the station and just orbit there and wait for further instructions.' So, we'd go out there and check in on our frequency at this place we were supposed to be at over the desert.

"And then we'd check in and they'd say, 'OK look out five miles at 10,000 feet and tell us what you see.'

"Well, it was a MiG, and so we'd go join up on him and fly along with him, and then we'd split up and do simulated combat for a couple of turns. . . .

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