Thursday, January 27, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | 7 Translucent, Shiny Objects in a V Formation Sighted Over Montreal Quebec, Canada

My UFO Experience

reader Submitted Report

     Dear Sir,

I had 2 occasions of ufo sightings in my life.

1. In 1968 in Montreal Quebec, Canada, myself and an aunt witnessed
a formation of 7 ufos translucent, shiny objects in a V formation.

From east to west travelling on a course covering 180 degrees of horizon
these 7 objects travelled the 180 degrees horizon distance in 6 seconds..

probably flying at 7000 mph or more... the interesting noise, all
in formation and bright, translucent objects flying very fast.

2. In 2001, near the Atlantic Ocean on a beach...

with a friend, witnessed a bluish translucent triangle, which came over
our heads, silent, the object was only about 30 feet above our heads..
no sound, no engines heard, just a beautiful triangle, resembling a diamond suspended in the air.

the curious fact about this observation, is that my friend and I were talking
about life out there in the universe, when this object appeared over our heads.

I rushed for my binoculars to view a close up , but the object as I was taking
the binoculars flew away at great speed with no sound.

One second it was there, the next is was gone...

my friend and i watched this object, similar to a shinning diamond triangle and
blue in color for about 7 seconds...then after retrieving the binoculars it was

We are being observed, and i think we have been for a very long ...long time...

In light of the many sightings at nuclear sites in the usa and other countries
we are being watched closely and THEY will not allow us to use these
weapons of mass destruction...

Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the straw that broke the camels back...

and THEY will not allow us to use them again ....ever...

I believe we shall soon see an unprecedented event in our world which
will confirm the fact that THEY are in control and not us...

Which in my opinion is just what we really need... A reality check on
our warring ways...

thank you, Regards

Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx

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