Saturday, July 07, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Expresses Trepidation in Sharing Saucer Story, Requests Removal

Flying Saucer Swoops Down on B-2
By Frank Warren

     Recently a reader wrote in via the “Share Your UFO Experience” portal (above), and detailed an account of seeing a very large “Flying Saucer” (he compared it to the size of a football field); this encounter took place while doing maneuvers over Nevada.

He further stated, that after flying over the craft, it then rose and shot off at speeds unavailable to anything he was aware “in our inventory.”

After returning to base he and his crew were “debriefed” (by “suits”) and instructed not to talk about this matter, or the craft.

After we published his missive, he became apprehensive, and stated that the story was made up and to ignore it; a few hours later he asked to have it removed completely.

As a rule, we don’t publish the author’s name in association with their respective UFO experiences, unless specifically asked to do. This gives the individual anonymity, and prompts others to come forward without fear of ridicule, etc. Of course any and all narratives are just that and have to be taken with a grain of salt.

In this particular regard, whether the account is true or not, I don’t know; however, it made for a good read in any event.

I pointed out to the author, that his name would remain confidential, and asked if he would reconsider; his reply was in the negative; henceforth his report has been removed as requested—FW

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  1. That is such a shame but I didn't report it either and that was in 1962 in the daylight on a beach.
    But now I think this planet needs to start to think as one species, and nothing short of a world wide disaster or knowledge that other planets host intelligent life, and are here will do that. So the hell with waiting any more I started a blog a year ago and I advocate for witnesses like me and that person. We need to be free to report a reality no matter what the people in power say. Something is here in our Airspace it's intelligent and it is moves in ways our technology hasn't even dreamt of yet.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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