Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My UFO EXPERIENCE: Australia - UFO Shot at Me!

UFO Sighted Near Mt Warning
By Wendy Guinea
Reader Reported Sighting [Unedited]

     Hello my name is wendy,on ist dec 2006 I saw a bright light light a spot light on the front of a hellicopter.The light came from between mt warning and casino,.The light travelled very quickly towards our house as it approached the hill near our house.my friend and i walked off the verandah to get a closer look not believing that this thing was in the yard.it stopped directly above and infront of us,it didnt apppear big enough to be a space ship,it at some point became a red glow like a hot coal,and it breathed as a fire would when you open the door slightly,red then black red then black.then it stayed black.we both were hanging onto each other saying what the f is that.we then went back inside saying what is an allien going to come out of the bush now,half scared but completly amazed and saying noone is going to believe this.we rang the 1800 no in the phone book,and reported what we had seen.we also rang the weather meteorology place in coffs harbour.he told us to ring william town army base,we tried but couldnt get a no.about 40 minutes later we were still freaked out and had exhausted all the possabilities of what it could be.

We decided to go to bed and go to the loo first.as our loo is up the yard we live on a farm,my friend and i decided to go on the grass.we walked to the back of my house and i said you go that way ill go this,i had just gotten to the edge of the concret when whati wouldescribe as a missile or a shooting star went past my face at fennominal speed.it was brilliant white with a long trail of blue behind it.abriliant aura surrounded it,just a twisting whistling noise high pitched.i yelled look tan and next thing i knew we were both standing there ranting raviving oh my gods and are they shooting at us .twenty feet i would say this was away from me.at head height.until that night i have never believed in ghosts ufos or been afraid of the dark,but i know that what i saw was no reflection it was in my face both times.surely there must be some evidence on me or the ground.i cant stop thinking about this,or stop looking into the sky at night.what was it why was it here and will i see it again can you help

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