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The Non-Investigation of the Phoenix Lights- My View

Phoenix UFO Overhead
By Mike Fortson
© 2006

Mike Fortson (Sml) The late Doc Berry said it best—“The Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997”; his title best describes what happened that Thursday evening. Moreover, nine years later, I (we) still look for a return visit from our alien friends. I don’t have a problem saying that feared word “alien” at all. “Nothing of this earth” describes what we saw pass in front of us around 8:30 PM that night. Nothing!

Recalling the event as if it were yesterday, while in the process of closing a window at our then home in Chandler, Arizona I noticed, "three huge, bright white lights angled down and very low to the ground"; after shouting to my wife to come outside we witnessed this “massive V shaped” craft entering our field of vision from the northwest giving us an almost perfect angle for viewing the UFO. This massive black boomerang shaped object was easily determined to be one solid mass as the gray background from all the lights in the surrounding Phoenix metro area allowed this UFO to be visible. It stuck out like a sore thumb!

The reports of our experience have been published on the Internet for over 9 years; I have done over 50 televised shows and been on dozens of radio shows;Out of The Blue Video I have done four documentaries, even one for “UFO’s, Fuji TV from Tokyo, Peter Jennings-Seeing is BelievingJapan, ABC’s Peter Jennings Reporting, Seeing is Believing” and the best by far was “Out of the Blue,” by James Fox.

To date, as I write this, I am still encountering new witnesses and hearing new stories of that wonderful day; so many reports will never make the Internet, television, radio, or ever be told to the general public. This is so distressing! One goal I had when we moved to the high country of northern Arizona was to find new witnesses and meet many of those who were just too concerned for their jobs, worried about ridicule from friends or family or just not knowing who to contact. There are many more who I feel have yet to tell their story.

This became apparent shortly after Thursday March 9, 2006, when The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona did a full-page article on my wife and I and our life changing experience. The article was titled, “Eyes on the Sky”, and was also posted on UFO Updates on March 11th, as well as Frank Warren’s blog, “Knowledge is Power” on March 13th, the nine-year anniversary date.

The purpose was to find more witnesses who never had a chance to tell their story or maybe never wanted to “then,” for reasons listed earlier. My e-mail address was posted in the article along with parts of our story and our determination to keep looking in hopes of a return visit so this time I could get it on film.

In the following couple weeks I had received some 200+ fascinating e-mails. One especially promising was from a flight instructor from Embry-Riddle. He and a student were flying over Chino Valley when it appeared that all the city and area lights went out; after realizing the lights had not gone out but were “being blocked” by what they described as a “gigantic black chevron shaped craft” that was massive in size and at least a mile long! They literally feared for their lives as they flew above this massive unknown object! However, it quietly passed on it’s way south towards Phoenix. The instructor is retired, the student pilot is now on active duty in the USAF; neither will go on camera to tell their story. Also, I spoke with a family of 5 who was at the Dairy Queen on HWY 69, in Prescott Valley; they described a huge V shaped craft, a single object for sure, pass over their heads low and slow. No one said the word flare or “ours” in reference to the craft. No one! One thing most, if not all “8 PM witnesses” say . . . what we saw was not ours!

This is what is so frustrating about this wonderful experience. Very few people ever get told the truth, and thanks to the intentional blunders of the media, they probably never will! Let me try to explain this. First of all, certain members of the media claim that they cannot report a story and have the viewing audience pay attention to it without video. So, enter the five “10:00 PM, MST, videos” of a “military flare drop.” These are the famous, “Phoenix Lights” seen at a faint distance at high altitude. These 5 videos of a flare drop were shot around the same time at different locations. All enjoy higher altitudes and none were shot on the desert floor! These videos were shown worldwide, and are more than likely an intentional flare drop by A-10’s from Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona.

A lot of money has been made off these videos as well as some books, but the truth is no one was close enough to the lights to really know for sure what they were. Bruce MaccabeeBoth Tom King and Dr. Bruce Maccabee * have determined that these lights are more than likely flares, which had to be ignited around 17,000’ to be seen in the Phoenix area. This is what I call the intentional diversion! Nearly every time a report on television is shown they interview an 8:00 o’clock witness of the alien events, while showing the 10:00 video of flares in the background-thus presenting erroneous information and confusing everyone!

My worst fear of all this is that in 50 years or so when the so called “real” UFO investigators decide to examine the 8:00 o’clock events of March 13, 1997, everyone will be dead or lack exact memory of that wonderful night. Giving us another “Roswell type quagmire” of did it happen or not?

I blame almost all the confusion and pretense on two “MUFON investigators and the strange Dr X”; all they did was battle each other for local TV time and argue the lights on the 5 videos. No one made any efforts to record witness testimony early on. There are no MUFON AZ reports to be found. Everyone involved relied on the phone calls to Village Labs or to the office of “Frances Emma Barwood,” who was then the noted Phoenix Councilwoman who asked, “why don’t we investigate the strange events?” Even to this date there are no archives of witness testimony. What little they (the investigators & Dr. X) did record went to their books or DVD documentaries—not to get the word out, but to make a buck.

My name is Mike Fortson and The Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997 changed our lives! As you’ve read I have ardent feelings about the subject and will continue to speak out, as I believe it prudent; I am very disappointed in the erroneous reporting and the complete falsehood that what we were allowed to see that night was flares or some government special project. What I saw that night was an alien visitation craft of unbelievable size that paraded thru the Phoenix metro area undetected and without noise. It was there for anyone who was outside to see. It was not “ours,” and it was not a flare!

I now reside in Prescott Valley, Arizona where I sell real estate. I have multiple cameras at the constant ready, just in case; I want to get the next visit, if possible, on film.

If I am fortunate enough to film our visitors, if in fact they do return, I promise you this—it will not be for sale—I will share this with the world for free. It’s not about greed, but about the truth.

Note-Mike Fortson continues to investigate what has become known as the Phoenix Lights-he is actively seeking "other" witnesses to the event who have yet to come forward; witnesses are incouraged to "comment" in the section below or can write in here to the e-mail address found in the left side-bar. Mike can be contacted directly at Mike Fortson

* Dr. Bruce Maccabee has done an extensive "photo analysis" of the various videos taken of the flares dropped that night, March 13, 1997 and can be examined Here.

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  1. The 'ET' are 'Marking' something for us to consider.

    What is it in Phoenix that they want us to look into?

    Here's a possible hint: It has something to do with an all out nuclear war, which the 'ET' are doing their best to prevent.


  2. I live in Peoria and I have seen them in broad daylight. I have a theory and it goes like this...

    Phoenix has always been inhabited by extraterestrials as evidenced in the many mountains we have surrounding us. They reside in the mountains! Superstition Mountain is just one hotspot. The others are located in the underground facilites in every honeywell building. Check it out for yourself. If you've ever been inside a honeywell building they have clearly marked floors that read... "DO NOT MOP, ELECTROSTATIC FLOORS." Clearly a sign of an underground facility powered by an electro-magnetic power source.

    Consider the name "Honeywell"

    It denotes a HIVE.

  3. Anthony,

    An observation/point: if what you label "extraterestrial"s [sic] have "always" inhabited Phoenix . . . then they would be "terrestrials."


  4. Howdy;

    I wanted to comment on Patrick's comment; "Here's a possible hint: It has something to do with an all out nuclear war, which the 'ET' are doing their best to prevent."

    No Patrick, they are not here to help us stop any nuclear war - they are here to watch us conduct it. I saw much ufo activities in Texas at my home until the blood was to be shed in Iraq. I saw activity the night before the invasion and since that time I have only seen 3 sightings. I normally saw at least 3 sightings a week here, sometimes over 3 in one night.

    These creatures have been instructing mankind on how to destroy each other for almost 6,000 years. They have had sex with humans as the scriptures show clearly where the gods took the daughters of men ... they do not want peace.

    They are being held back by forces you would not believe in at this time - that they cannot destroy all of mankind; as, there is a "master" plan behind all this.

    You want proof of this? Wait till around 10:00 in the morning, New York time ... and you will see Iran, Lebanon and/or a few other places nuked to hell.

    The plan to nuke them with the nuclear bunker buster bombs that our dear president had cleared with the U.N. as being declared safe for civilian populations - will wipe out 1/3rd of mankind and 1/4th of the earth in one day.

    Why do you think the U.N. told us all to store up at least 3 months of food, water and supplies ... RIGHT AFTER DECLARING THE NUCLEAR BUNKER BUSTER BOMBS - SAFE!

    These aliens are doing experiments on us because they are looking for a cure to heal themselves from the very things that humans are suffering from. Breaking the laws of our Creator. They sometimes have a body that is truly immortal ... if they kept the law and did not defile themselves; but, just as mankind is wiping itself out by just fornication and the over 125 STD's now available on the meat market today - these gods/aliens have been doing the same things and taught us that whatever is alright between two adults is perfectly legal.

    Because of this - they are trying to raise half breeds in hopes to find a link of a cure - OTHER THAN KEEPING YAHWEH'S LAW - just like we do. Get the Clap - get a shot ... problem is, is that it does not heal you of it and it goes into hiding in your spinal cord areas. Yeah, these gods/ aliens know full well what they are doing and so does Yahweh.

    You will see much less activity on the 10th and 11th of September as they are finding the best seats for the show. I know you don't want to believe this, nor does anyone else, however; scripture clearly states that after this occurs ... after 1/3rd of mankind and 1/4th of the earth in one day is destroyed - mankind will still not repent of their sins. They love lobster or chewing on a pigs buttox too important, fornication and theft too wonderful - to ever turn from.

    Mankind is soon to see the results of their sins - but, do not panic ... this is not armegeddon - that is not for another 1,101 years and a month or so. You will see after September 12th, 2006 the worst time of trouble ever seen before - worst than when Mosheh (Moses) was born and Pharoah had all the male firstborns killed.

    By the time it is all said and done - 4/5ths of all mankind will be destroyed. Men will be really hard to find as they all sacrifice themselves to the gods, the war gods for entertainment as they hoover overhead and scream with joy - forgetting for a moment their own plight of death creaping into their sin riddled bodies.

    Lots of women will remain though, enough for us to repopulate the earth with, after they have been cured of the diseases and taught how to keep the law of Yahweh. After all, we have only 1,000 years to rebuild the earth - we need children to help us and our children's children and so on, but; thankful for many a dead man's wife or daughter ... they will live on in their memories for 100 years.

    No my friends - the gods/aliens are not your friends, they are servants of Satan, just like most every preacher who teaches the laws were done away with are servants of Satan the Devil. Don't blame me, it is your own faults.

    Have you not read Deuteronomy chapter 28 or Isaiah 24:1-6 ??? It will tell you that your preacher has been lying to you just as the gods have taught them - such teaching did not come from our loving creator; Yahweh the almighty ... these teaching come from Satan the Devil and HER Servants.

    Keep the laws of Yahweh and have peace, joy and abundant living ... continue to break the laws and you will see only death, destruction and hatred.

    If you never learned peace, you can learn the Peaceful Solution, check it out at: and let us know what you think ... just whisper it from the rooftops and it will soon be heard all around the world.

    Love Through Yahshua's Holy Name;

    Big AL

  5. Forgive me please;

    The date for the nuking was not crystal clear:

    SEPTEMBER 12th, 2006 will be that date, mark it on your calendars and see if "ET" helps at all. It not their job to help, but; like spoiled brats wanting to take their football home if they cannot play ...

    Satan and her gods/Gods/Aliens and/or etc. are upset because on September 12th, 2006, the 144,000 spoken of in your scripture will be sealed in their foreheads.

    They cannot physically touch those sealed unless allowed by Yahweh - they wanted us all dead a long time ago and this plan they delivered to the world and those of the world is to wipe you all out.

    As I said, don't fear; only 4 out of every 5 people will die - mostly the men and the weak who have practiced breaking the laws for a long time and refuse to repent.

    One last thing. You won't be raptured either, why should anyone who did all this harm to the world (myself included as I was ignorant and still guilty) escape the final stage? No rapture, it is time for a great schooling to occur and hopefully you will understand the moral of the story - looking forward to meeting you as we learn the truth and rebuild from ... basically scratch?

    We don't have a vengeful or waring, hating Creator. He had it planned from the begining and the plan is almost complete. He and all the heavens were waiting for the remnant of the 144,000 to become ready ... and now they are just about there. September 12, 2006 - write it down on your mirror and you no longer have to wonder why like the rest of the world has to do.

    Your Pal;

    Big AL

  6. I'm sure most of you have seen this already but just in case:

    Phoenix Lights Video

  7. Hello Mr. Fortson -

    I recall seeing you in the "Out of the Blue" DVD I purchased some months back. The whole Phoenix Lights experience must have been extraordinary for you. I just read your article on the "UFO Chronicles" website. I appreciate you coming forward with your experience regarding the events that took place on March 13th. Tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary of this story I believe.

    Mr. Fortson, for me I have noticed one thing in common regarding ALL of the videos, pictures, and stories regarding the Phoenix Lights experience are concerned. That is, I wonder why there have not been NOT ONE video or picture of that mile-wide craft that slowly made its way through the Phoenix area. It is safe to say that thousands of residents saw this craft but yet, not one have come forward with a video or picture of this craft. Not one! What I am seeing are only illustrations of the craft. No one seems to have footage of this mammoth structure "floating" through the Phoenix region on that March 13th night. This is what's bugging me about this whole ordeal.

    Mr. Fortson, I do not doubt what you saw. However, you would think some person that saw this craft would have proof (via video or pic) regarding this controversial event. What do you think about this? Your feedback is important for me and my associates. Thank you for your time.


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