Wednesday, September 21, 2005

UFO Propulsion Systems
By Stanton T. Friedman
(Part Four)

Friedman Potrait

     Earthlings are capable of building both fission and fusion deep-space propulsion systems if they are willing to spend the tens of billions of dollars required; however, these are not the only possibilities for interstellar travel. Other possibilities include:

(1) Lasers based on earth, or in orbit, or on the moon, to be aimed at the back of a rocket, spilling off material, which would exhaust toward the laser and push the rocket forward.

(2) Systems producing of energy by some as yet unknown process power the strange stellar beasts known as quasars. Watts per gallon of fuel are enormously greater in a quasar then a typical fusion-powered star like the sun.

(3) Systems utilizing whatever type of force holds sub-nuclear particles together is also a possibility. In the nucleus involved in fission and fusion the amount of energy per particle is much greater than in larger atoms involved in chemical processes. Going inside the nucleus should also decrease the size of the particle but greatly increase the amount of energy available per particle.

(4) Systems using some means of bending space and time so as to “pop” from one place to another without really having to travel along the paths between the points would do the trick. Picture a flat sheet of paper and then bend it so that diagonally opposing corners touch each other. Obviously travel between those touching corners would be more rapid across the paper had it remained flat.

(5) We also must remember there are undoubtedly systems that we cannot yet imagine—just as fusion as the primary energy-producing process on the sun wasn’t understood until 1937 although it had been going on for five billion years. Any study of technological process clearly shows us that progress comes from doing things in an unpredictable way. The future, technologically speaking, is not an extrapolation of the past.

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