Friday, March 18, 2005

UFOs and ET

Staff Reporter
India Daily

Determining if a UFO is terrestrial or extra-terrestrial - Look for glowing lights around Extra-terrestrial UFOs, which manifest the subdued high intensity electromagnetic flux

Are all UFOs Extra-terrestrial? No, they are not. Many of the sightings are illusions and also are unknown experimental terrestrial aircrafts. But how do you distinguish between an extra-terrestrial UFO and a terrestrial UFO. According to some researchers there is a way to distinguish between terrestrial and extra-terrestrial UFOs.

Most UFOs are associated with some lights. According to these researchers, if you can see the light in the aircraft, it is a terrestrial UFO. Extra-terrestrial UFOs do not have lights similar to our aircrafts. In case of Extra-terrestrial aircrafts, the light that is visible comes from the subdued high intensity electromagnetic flux. The extra-terrestrial UFOs are mostly invisible. But the high intensity electromagnetic flux that surrounds them does emit visible spectrum of light when the flux intensity is brought down somewhat. That is exactly what happens when the extra-terrestrial UFOs bring their speed down to sonic levels. The electromagnetic flux surrounding the flying object is removed for a short while or the intensity brought down considerably. At that point of time one can see some glowing lights without any visible aircrafts associated with it.

Let us make one thing clear here. The high intensity electromagnetic flux that we are talking about, expressed in Maxwell or Weber is far beyond human imagination. Even the strongest super conductors that we know of are not capable of generating such high intensity electromagnetic flux.

Computer models have shown that very high intensity electromagnetic flux in a subdued mode does emit unpredictable visible spectrum of light. That is exactly what we humans can see in bare eyes. The glowing light unfortunately does not stay for long because the extra-terrestrial UFOs increase the intensity of the electromagnetic flux for stealth purpose after reaching the desired stable speed. That is the main reason why people sometimes see these glowing lights for a short while, and by the time they try to get a camera or other eyewitnesses, these lights are gone.

Computer models are showing the UFO flight patterns with the simulated high intensity electromagnetic flux around them. The goal of these models is to recreate simulated sightings so that the fight patterns, stealth, navigation systems and propulsion systems can be reverse engineered.

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