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UFOs Allegedly Over Nuclear Weapons Depots in Soviet-Era Poland: One of the Unknown Objects Repeatedly Emitted a Light Beam Toward the Ground

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Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light Down Onto Nuclear Weapons Area

By Robert Hastings
     In 2010, I received a series of emails from an individual who told me that he was a retired Polish military intelligence officer. However, unlike my many former or retired U.S. military sources, whose service records (DD214) I possess, I can not substantiate this individual's credentials.

That said, two other Polish nationals, one of them a journalist, have confirmed that a number of his statements to me are based on verifiable facts, including the extensive foreign language training provided to Soviet-era intelligence officers in Poland. Despite a few grammatical errors, which I’ve corrected below, this person’s English is excellent.

The self-described retired colonel gave me permission to print his comments as long as I refrained from identifying him. So, with these caveats in mind, I offer here excerpts from his first email to me:
Dear Mr. Hastings,

...I write to you from Poland after reading your book regarding [the] topic of UFOs and nukes. I do so because it struck a few familiar chords on this side of the ocean.

First of all, I'm 70 years old and a retired LWP (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie or People's Army of Poland) officer, [who served] back in the days of socialism in Poland. [I was] a colonel and a ranking member of WSW (Wojskowa Służba Wewnętrzna or Army Internal Service) which was a military intelligence agency. The WSW was the equivalent of [the Soviet] GRU and we were cooperating very closely with each other given how Poland was one of the biggest and most important states of the Warsaw Pact. So I had enough clearance to know about a few things...

After World War II, many of the Soviet forces remained on the territory of Poland for political and technical reasons...What is also public knowledge is that there were several bases in Poland that were meant to house nuclear missiles and if the need [arose] to launch them on advancing Western Forces. Of all the 63 Soviet bases in Poland only a few like 3001 in Podborsko, 3002 in Brzeźnica Kolonia, and 3003 in Templewo were issued with nuclear missiles...

We didn't house long-range intercontinental missiles. All Polish, or more accurately Soviet units had 8k11 (Scud) and 3r10 tactical missile launchers, most of them mounted on TELs (Transporter Erector Launchers) like the MAZ-543. These were short-range and inaccurate...The idea was to kiss the incoming Allied forces with these ‘superb’ weapons and, if it had come to this, perform a second [attack on] Berlin, this time nuke-augmented.

This brings me to the topic of UFOs. You see, we've had a fairly good knowledge about them. [The] Eastern Bloc was researching the problem collectively [but] the Russians were the ones who called the shots. We were heavily subservient to them officially but remained probably the most ‘independent’ intelligence [organization] in the entire Warsaw Pact. So we did additional research about the topic, [the] outcome of which I don't know [as] it was very, very classified. Yet the general outlines provided by the GRU and the [conclusions on] which I was briefed with were as follows:

1) The probability of the objects being U.S. or any other Western country's vehicles is extremely low, close to 1 percent.

2) The objects perform maneuvers at speeds that would instantly [kill] a human pilot. They're either remote-controlled or are manned by non-human entities.

3) Observed aerial phenomena can be tracked by ground and aerial radar but several cases point to the objects being capable of removing themselves from the radar somewhat.

4) The objects exhibit unusual and repeated interest in areas of nuclear weapons storage.

That's why your book hit the spot with me...Just to clarify, no one [in Poland] outside the top brass ever spoke about UFOs as [such]. Soldiers were told (if they were told at all) not about UFOs but about a nebulous ‘possible spy plane activity’ and given the [Cold War] time-frame it all was happening in, everyone was afraid of the imperialist American eye in the sky. These were the times [when] you were afraid of Commie spies [and] we were afraid of yours. So the hysteria served the concealment well...I'm pretty sure the top [commanders] knew that these were not American spy planes (and they had to know, too, that spy planes usually fly at altitudes that are far above any capability of sighting by ground personnel, and some missile tracking systems as well).

Back in the day we were all wondering: Could it be that the Russians knew the intentions of this undoubtedly intelligent phenomenon? There were a number of cases involving [a] UFO operating in the close proximity of a missile base that housed nuclear warheads. From the information I heard or read there were no cases of landing. In one instance, the object passed [over] the rectangular [nuclear weapons storage] area of the base diagonally, employing a very bright cone of light, like a huge searchlight, that appeared to be made of solid light. The [object] appeared to use the light, or whatever device it was, in a repeated cycle of shining it down to the ground, then shutting it off, and again shining it down some distance further.

I heard all of this from one of the Polish officers stationed in Brzeźnica, which was the place of [the] sighting. He told me that everyone was thinking that it was a U.S. silent helicopter. There were no malfunctions of electronic equipment. The object did not [appear] on a radar screen. The military channels were interrupted three times that evening and the following night—one time it was a break and static in a radio transmission, and two times the coded messages which were received from Warsaw were received in [the] wrong order—the one that was sent later came in first.

So that's all I wanted to share with you, Mr. Hastings...I was just a tiny cogwheel in a huge military complex and I'm rather grateful that I was privileged enough to [learn] that much of the information. Most of my peers were and are not aware of UFO phenomenon at all. I told you all of this because both [the] U.S.S.R. and People’s Republic of Poland are defunct now and it's been 25 years since I'd folded my military uniform and hung it in my closet. I'm free to talk and not obliged by any documents or regulations to keep my mouth shut. I'm also an old man and my memory is sketchy, so some of this might not be as accurate as it should've been.

[Name withheld]
The reality of UFOs hovering over nuclear weapons storage sites—at both U.S. Air Force and Soviet Army bases—is now well-established via declassified U.S. and Soviet government documents and military eyewitness testimony. My next article will cover such cases at the USAF-operated RAF Bentwaters base in England, in December 1980, and the Kapustin Yar missile test range in the former USSR, in July 1989. In both incidents, a disc-shaped UFO was observed as it directed laser-like beams of light down onto facilities housing either nuclear bombs or missile warheads.

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