Monday, December 31, 2007

Man Recounts Run-in With Saucer (UFO) , Robot –March 4, 1965

Man Recounts Run-in With Saucer, Robot (Heading) - UPI - 3-4-1965
Man Recounts Run-in With Saucer, Robot - UPI - 3-4-1965

     It made a whistling noise and went straight up at 500 miles an hour or even faster, retired longshoreman John F. Reeves said yesterday in describing a Flying Saucer (UFO) he claims to have stumbled onto while on a walk in the woods near here.

Reeves ... told a story Wednesday of coming onto the "Flying Saucer" in the woods between here and Weeki Wachee on Tuesday afternoon and of a robot-type creature that appeared to take his picture.


Officials at MacDill, AFB said the investigation is a routine one made whenever any "aerial phenomenon" is reported. The Air Force team talked to Reeves and visited the wooded area.


  1. My father was one of the reporters who interviewed this witness. He worked for a local paper in Florida at the time. Although not convinced it was an "alien robot," he was impressed by the man's sincerity.

  2. Greetings Deano,

    Thank you for taking time to comment; is your father still with us?


  3. Yes put in the x files along with bigfoot and the loch mess monster,the truth is out there


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