Monday, March 10, 2014

Motorist Spots UFO Triangle Above Hythe (UK)

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Motorist Spots UFO Triangle Above Hythe (UK) 3-1-14

Another sighting of 'UFO' near Hythe

By Folkestone Herald

     A MOTORIST who reported seeing lights at the weekend in the sky above Hythe says he has no idea what he saw– but is sure was not a plane or helicopter.

Matt Law, 29, had been driving towards Dymchurch to take his dog Jessie for a run, on Saturday at about 9pm, when he saw the lights in front of him.

As he got closer, they did not move so he came to a halt directly below, opened his window and found there was no sound.

Perplexed, he watched as the lights, in a triangle pattern, disappeared.

He told the Herald: "I'm not saying it was a flying saucer – I'm a bit of a sceptic – but it was no plane or helicopter.

"I was driving and saw the lights. I was only going about 40mph but I was catching up, which I thought was odd. I wound down my window and there was no noise. I worked on the Facebook page for Folkestone Airshow, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to planes.

"There is nothing I know of which can remain stationary in the sky and make no noise."

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