Sunday, December 22, 2013

UFO Detector: There's An App for That!

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UFO Detector: There's An App for That!

Group seeks to crowdfund UFO tracking smartphone app

By Alejandro Rojas
By OpenMinds

     There are phone apps that will let you know when and where UFOs are reported. However, a group of UFO investigators say they have come up with an idea on how to make an app that will alert people of the presence UFOs in real-time. . . .

. . . They hope that by turning phones into makeshift magnetic field anomaly detectors all over the world, they will be able to track the movements of UFOs by detecting the magnetic disturbances they create. The team notes that there have been many UFO cases, including several of the cases investigated by the U.S. Air Force during Project Blue Book, where compasses and navigation equipment were affected.

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  1. This is a fascinating Theory. But thats all it is. Being an App developer I have already tried to integrate this into an App. I discovered as your developer should have already, In order for real time motion detection your phone needs some kind of hat technology-a sort of listening device that picks up radio waves. Scince your phone does not do this, An app would not be compatible or a complete working app. Knowing this my next ideal would be a phone with this sort of technology. Like an all in one. Phone. Ufo reciever. Any sort of app out there that claims to pick up the motion of satellite's or planes is full of it. Firstly any apps like this works on the technology of your phone...goodluck.


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