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UFO NEWS | Area 51| Book Exposed: Jacobsen's Secret Source Revealed with Interview

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base

By Anthony Bragalia
The Bragalia Files

     Annie Jacobsen’s recently released bestseller Area 51 has stirred global interest. She has been featured numerous times on many networks and websites. Her book was reviewed last week by the New York Times. Jacobsen’s biggest “scoop” concerns the Roswell crash. She learned from an early executive of one of our nation’s largest defense contractors that the Roswell crash of 1947 was resultant from a scheme by Russia’s Josef Stalin and escaped Nazi mad-scientist Josef Mengele to “hoax” the Americans by staging UFO sightings. The plan was to induce panic and psychological warfare in the manner of the Orson Welles War of the World broadcast aftermath. They would launch unusually-designed craft from a “mothership” (located near Alaska.) These were single-wing, remote-controlled “UFOs” with “alien-like” children on board. The craft were of Nazi German design (captured by the Soviets at the close of the War) and the “aliens” were actually 13 year olds. The grotesque child aviators were biologically engineered by Mengele with strange large heads and oddly spaced eyes. The craft and pilots had crashed near Roswell in July of 1947 and were flown to Wright Field. In 1951, Jacobsen’s source maintains, the crashed vehicle and the two still-surviving deformed children were taken to Area 51 and to the facilities of defense contractor EG&G (now URS Corporation)

This author has identified and located Annie Jacobsen’s anonymous source. I have also decided, after much consideration, to “out” him. In this article I will openly name him. I have also contacted him very recently. He reluctantly spoke with me for some time. I believe that the source was indeed told this bizarre story by officials. But just why this is so will stun readers, and is not for the reasons that you may think.

Monday, May 30, 2011

VIDEO | AREA 51 | ABC News Says Jacobsen Source is 'Confused & Conflicted"; The Author Gets Grilled By Nightline's Bill Weir

Bill Weir (ABC News) Interviewing Annie Jacobsen

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-29-2011

We left off with announcing the fact that ABC News, specifically, Nightline and co-anchor Bill Weir located Annie Jacobsen’s primary (un-named) source for her chapter on the Roswell crash in her controversial (to put it mildly) tome: Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base (New York: Little, Brown & Co. 2011).

After spending some time with the almost 90-year-old former technician for EG&G, at his home in Nevada, Weir came away with not only some discrepancies, but also an opinion of his mental capacity–pertaining to his age.

Armed with this information, Weir asked and was granted a second interview with Jacobsen and it was a “no hold’s barred” session. The underlying innuendo, at worst was perhaps Jacobsen embellished her version of the Roswell saga (via her “un-named source), creating controversy to pump up book sales; or she, at best was/is incompetent and didn’t vet the source and or his claims properly, which in part may have been overlooking “elder dementia” as Weir alludes to.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

VIDEO | 'BigFoot' or The Latest Hoax Video On YouTube?

BigFoot Hoax Still From Video - May 2011
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-29-11l

     A recent report from KXLK.com states that students from Spokane Community College while hiking at Downriver Park last weekend caught an image of the legendary BigFoot.

One of the students, Samantha (last name not given) posted an "edited version" of the "IPhone camera footage on YouTube where regular viewers there were a little skeptical–to say the least.

You be the judge:

VIDEO | AREA 51 | ABC News Interviews Jacobsen's Secret Source; is Latest Roswell Story Debunked?

ABC News Interviews Jacobsen's Secret Source; is Latest Roswell Story Debunked?

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-28-2011

     Unless you’ve been spelunking, in a coma (god forbid), or de void of any and or all “news input,” undoubtedly you’ve heard of Annie Jacobsen’s new book: Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base (New York: Little, Brown & Co. 2011). It’s almost impossible to turn on the television, or peruse the net and not find some mention of her and her tome.

In it, via her “last chapter,” she throws a wrench into the traditional “alien” Roswell crash scenario, claiming allegations from a undisclosed elderly source, with impeccable credentials; that “elements” of the Roswell story were indeed true; however, her source claims, that they were not aliens, but made to look like such, and this was all done for Machiavellian purposes–by no other then Russia, teamed up Nazi madman, Dr. Joseph Mengele. (Did I mention the book is NONFICTION?!)

Jacobsen claims her source stated, that Mengele performed “unspeakable experimental surgical procedures, mostly on children, dwarfs and twins” and a select few of these unfortunates were chosen for a plan to induce another “War of The Worlds” type scare of 1938 on its soon to be cold-war enemy–the United States! .

Furthermore, the alleged “alien craft” was in fact a “Horten brother’s flying disc,” claims the source, with the child mutant occupants inside and that it was flown thousands of miles by remote control to crash in New Mexico.

UFO researchers and enthusiasts alike immediately condemned the book and its thesis for a host of reasons. Personally, for me I was intrigued by her witness(es) who reinforced what “Roswell witnesses” have stated along, e.g., exotic craft crashed, there were small childlike bodies with big heads, eye etc., and there was an immediately retrieval and post cover-up!

Moreover, if one pays close attention: in her book, she indicates that this is what the engineers “were told” (says her source) and that the unusual child-like occupants were “rumored” to be products of Mengele. In other words her source recounted things he witnessed “first hand” and things that he and his co-workers were told (very important to discern the two).

Some have argued that Jacobsen’s claims have made the alien scenario look pale in comparison (I agree); although there have been “general” refutations to her position, no one could deconstruct the “un-named sources” claims for the obvious reason(s) . . . that is until now.

ABC News, through their own investigation claims to have found Jacobsen’s “secret source,” (and they're not naming him either) and in interviewing him have uncovered some major discrepancies. Watch the video below:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Media Coverage of UFO Events and Research

Dennis Balthaser Speaking at Alamogordo

By Dennis Balthaser

     Over the years that I’ve been doing research, I have never been timid about sharing my frustration about many in the media that are responsible for reporting on the subject. Local and national TV newscasters are some of the worst, hardly ever able to factually report an event, without adding some sarcastic footnote to the end of their report, which in my opinion diminishes the content they are reporting on. Many times at conferences, when photos or film are included with an article, they don’t show the serious researchers, but rather someone dressed in an outlandish costume.

TV documentaries on the subject of UFOs, which I have had a fair amount of time participating in, usually involve show hosts or interviewers, which have very little knowledge of the subject. After filming, some editor or producer back in Los Angeles or New York, will put his or her own take on the material presented. Of all the documentaries I’ve been involved with over the years I could count the respectable ones on one hand. Two of the least credible that I wrote editorials on include the Peter Jennings ABC Special in 2005:

Comments by Dennis Balthaser on the ABC Special “UFOs: Seeing is Believing”, hosted by Peter Jennings

Biased Documentaries by the Media

On the positive side, radio interviews (usually done by telephone), are fun to do and very little, if any editing is done since most are live interviews. Call-in shows are also good as a way of sharing information with a listener, or even having a lively discussion on the subject being discussed. In some cases the radio show hosts have actually done their homework prior to the show airing, making for a better discussion between the host and the guest.

UFO magazine has treated me fairly for several years, posting my editorials as I have written them, while the MUFON Journal has reworded, omitted, or added information to my editorials without notifying me; on the few occasions they have included them in their Journal.

Unlike what most people think, researchers are normally not reimbursed for their knowledge or time when doing interviews. More importantly after an interview is completed, the researcher has no in-put to what the final product will be, consequently I have begun turning down some interviews that I’d rather not be involved in. I’ve also begun turning down speaking engagements that consists of clairvoyants, card readers and psychics, intermixed with serious UFO researchers.

I recently did a lecture in Alamogordo, New Mexico for the First National Bank “Lunch and Learn monthly series”, and unknowing to me at the time of my presentation, a reporter from The Alamogordo Daily News was present. She wrote an article for the paper, which was an extremely accurate account of what I discussed. I found this to be quite refreshing compared to some other experiences I’ve had with the media as mentioned above. With the reporters permission I am including her article below.

VIDEO | GREAT BRITAIN | Wales is Deemed Most Likely Place for UFO Sightings

Thursday, May 26, 2011

VIDEO | Caught On Tape: JFK Had Doubts About Moon Landing

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Kennedy's Space RaceNBC news anchor, Brian Williams reports on uncovered audio tapes, released by the Kennedy Library of then President John Kennedy expressing concern over his famous speech given before Congress laying out the goal of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade.

Kennedy can be heard discussing the issues in a meeting with the head of NASA back in 1961.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Annie Jacobsen, Area 51 and UFOs

Annie Jacobsen, Area 51 and UFOs

By Dr Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle     Okay, let’s see if I have this straight. In 1947, the officers and men of the 509th Bomb Group found the remains of a crashed flying saucer. Warrant Officer Irving Newton (with Balloon Debris)They took parts of it to Fort Worth where Brigadier General Roger Ramey and one of his weather officers, Warrant Officer Irving Newton (seen here), identified it was a common weather balloon and radar reflector.

The press, which had been very interested, suddenly couldn’t care less and didn’t ask how the highly trained officers of the only nuclear strike force in the world at the time could make such a stupid mistake. They didn’t wonder if the men with their fingers on the triggers might not be as trustworthy as everyone hoped. No, they bought the story and went on their way.

Then Jesse Marcel Sr., who had been the air intelligence officer in 1947, began to tell ham radio friends that he had picked up the pieces of a flying saucer in 1947. Articles were written, followed by a book, but the Main Stream Media (hereafter MSM), yawned because they knew that there were no flying saucers The Air Force had said so.

Interest in the Roswell crash built anyway and move articles and books were written. Television documentaries were made, many times without unnamed sources, but the actual people appearing on camera to tell their tales. MSM yawned because these were crazy old men and women whose memories were playing tricks on them. Besides, there were no flying saucers because the Air Force said so.

But suddenly there was real interest and a New Mexico congressman began to ask questions about the Roswell UFO crash. He wanted an investigation into this. The MSM paid attention because Steven Schiff was a real congressman and that made the story credible... though why escapes me... which is not so say that I didn’t find Schiff credible.

Project MogulThe Air Force investigated, issued a final report, and found that what fell at Roswell was a... weather balloon. Oh, no longer was it just a regular weather balloon, it was Project Mogul, so highly classified that not even the scientists working on it knew the name. This became the accepted truth because the Air Force said so.

Of course Project Mogul (balloon launch seen here) was just regular weather balloons and rawin radar reflectors, just like the tens of thousands that had been launched all over the country for years and there was no reason to be fooled by them even if they were tied together in long arrays. Project Mogul turned out not to be so highly classified... just the ultimate purpose was. But the MSM bought the story because there were no flying saucers. The Air Force said so.

No one in the MSM bothered to ask a couple of simple questions like, “If you’re investigating a UFO crash in New Mexico, why didn’t you interview the more of the men who were there at the time? Why just Sheridan Cavitt? Why not Brigadier General Arthur Exon? Why not Patrick Saunders? Why five men who worked on Project Mogul, some of whom weren’t even in New Mexico in 1947?

No one in the MSM thought about that.

“But what about the bodies?” someone, not a member of the MSM, asked.

The Air Force came out with a second final report to explain the bodies. These were anthropomorphic dummies dropped during high altitude parachute and balloon tests in the 1950s. Never mind that the earliest any were dropped near Roswell was 1957 and that the dummies looked exactly like what they were. This is the solution and the MSM believed this nonsense because the Air Force said so.

Nick Redfern
Then my friend (at least I think of him as a friend) Nick Redfern (seen here) said, “Not so fast.” He had uncovered information that suggested the recovery at Roswell was really the end result of experiments using deformed Japanese and some kind of experimental craft. At least this provided a reason for the cover up... not some kind of secret balloons.

Not many accepted this and the Air Force remained silent. I think they had learned their lesson. Don’t get involved in these crazy flying saucer stories. Leave it to the kooks, which is not to say that Nick is a kook.

But Redfern was wrong about this and we know because a “journalist” meaning a person with ties to the MSM has said that the Roswell crash was the result of a collaboration between Joseph Mengele and Josef Stalin using stolen Horten Brothers “flying wing” type aircraft to give it an alien appearance. Never mind that the Air Force had access to the Horten Brothers designs after the collapse of Nazi Germany and should have recognized the craft if that is what it was.

Parabola 2
But the MSM media listens to this because Annie Jacobsen, who is a contributing editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine said that she interviewed a guy, who remains nameless and he said so. Deformed children the result of the horrific “experiments” of Mengele in some kind of Horten Brothers flying wing for the extraterrestrial flavor. Stalin thought this “War of the Worlds” scenario would create public panic, though I’m at a loss to understand what he would have gained by this.

Did anyone ever notice that the Nazis and Stalin were enemies? Did anyone notice that Mengele had fled to South America and was no longer any sort of important person in 1947?

Enough of this latest nonsense. I do not understand why the MSM will listen to this sort of uncorroborated crap, but will ignore the information provided by the men and women who were there. Clearly the MSM does not have a grasp of history, they don’t know that we, meaning the Roswell researchers looked at the Horten Brothers aircraft designs(seen here) (and that we know the flying wing is inherently unstable and didn’t work well until computers could compensate for the tendency of the craft to flip) and we looked at many alternative explanations.

We can stop now because we have the answer... Stalin, Mengele, deformed children and a bizarre attempt to create a panic in the US is responsible for the crash... But when the Air Force buried the story, why didn’t Stalin pull a few strings at his end to interest the MSM? Why’d he let it die?

And for those interested, I have said for years that the big secret at Area 51 was that it was where the next generation of military aircraft were tested. It has nothing to do with UFOs... but the MSM isn’t interested in that opinion either.